Today In ‘Idol’: Adam Lambert To Teach The Idols How To Strut

Apr 6th, 2010 // 22 Comments

:: Adam Lambert will be the Top 8 mentor next week, and will perform “Whataya Want From Me” during the results show. It’s pretty unusual to have a past Idol contestant as a mentor, not to mention one from the previous season, but Adam clearly can handle giving out advice (and if the contestants want the same kind of success on the Idol stage, they’ll take it). No word on the theme yet, but we’re crossing our fingers it’s glam rock. Don’t tell us you wouldn’t want to see Aaron Kelly rocking some serious KISS makeup. [EW]

:: Tonight the Top 9 sing/destroy the Lennon/McCartney songbook. [Buddy TV]

:: It doesn’t matter whether you watch American Idol or Lost on Tuesday nights—apparently, it’s the same show. [Billboard]

:: Jason Derulo and David Archuleta will perform on Wednesday’s results show. David will reprise his starmaking performance of John Lennon’s “Imagine” that he brilliant performed during Season 7, and Jason Derulo will most likely sing his name over and over. [Idol Tracker]

:: Is Tim Urban really that bad? We conducted a “Sanjayathon” of every season of American Idol, and the results show that yes, yes he is. [Idolator]

  1. kumulus

    And my comment is one of them, too! They sure ain't too stupid, are they? (Can't wait for this!!!)

  2. snowqueen

    I'm so excited about Adam mentoring, and performing. This means two days of Adam! I just love him so much. This is so exciting! Adam will be an excellent mentor. He is so honest, and talented. He knows how to take command of the stage, and own it.

  3. wtdp

    Poor Adam, this has got to be the biggest challenge he has EVER faced. He could work with each one of them for a year I'm sure.

  4. Dave

    What's wrong with AI? Bring respectful stars like Kelly Clarkson, Carrie Underwood or Daughtry. He certainly doesn't deserve all the pushing AI has done. What is he gonna teach, simulating sex on stage? This negative gossip column regular is the worst representative of all idols so far. I am not going to watch it. I am going to watch how Kate dances.

  5. earlzagurl4umiitoi

    Adam will show 'em how to REALLY sing and entertain, and have the whole world adore them! Jealous much?

  6. MR_Red_Beard

    You couldn't be more wrong.
    Adam Lambert was one of the best singers to ever appear on the Idol stage, and their has been many.
    I can't wait to see Idol next week, GO Adam.

  7. Tagrid

    Theme? Well… we KNOW it won’t be Country! But any other theme, he can handle it. NO ONE is more qualified than Adam to be a mentor – afterall – everyone from AI8 said Adam was the GoTo Guy whenever they wanted advice. He knows what’s needed to succeed on Idol, and this season can use all help they can get! I can’t wait to see him – for 2 nights – ON IDOL! What a treat!

  8. Cindy

    The show is losing steam and down right boring with bunch of confused contestants now. Although Adam didn't win, there were no other contestants who have walked on that stage with such a star quality to this date. He brings excitement and ratings. He's highly trained and seasoned performer prior to AI for over 15 years. He used his smarts to make him stand out during the competition and knows what works and how to work the stage. On top of that he's extremely engaging and articulate. His honest, yet kind advice would be a great help to the contestants and his undeniable charm will bring some life to this show desperately needs.

  9. Amon

    I agree with you. He is one of the best they have ever had! People like Dave are only jealous petty homophobics!

  10. cheyennew

    Dave, I'm sure you'll be missed. Personally, I want to see how Adam dances.

  11. i guess it's time for adam to mentor.

  12. Kathleen

    Dave, Well then, You're just plain STUPID !! 'Sorry to be so honest,Dear!

  13. ianaleah

    Adam helped his fellow contestants with their songs, he's been through the whole esperience himself, he knows a lot about music itself, can sing any genre, can update a song to a new rendition and was so creative performing that AI is a bore this year without him. He can help each person give a their best performance that will make them and viewers happy. This is great news, and wise choice by the American Idol business.

  14. maryann

    This is the time Adam can truly give sound advice to these boring contestants! Cant wait to know how he will teach each one of them…so excited! I have goosebumps all over me just reading the news!

  15. tracey

    Adam is the most exciting new artist and most interesting person in the entertainment industry. He loves what he is doing, is helpful to other artists, had a great music background experience on stage and will greatly benefit the contestants and the AI show needs him. AI is big business, they know what they are doing, and recognizing Adam’s talent proves it. Adam is outstanding.He’ll be able to help each person with their songs, so they all have a good night.

  16. joliee

    Dave…. Going to watch a mom/housewife dance, who's fame is strictly a result of gossip columns… looks like you are a good judge of talent, LMAO. Do you really think Sony and RCA are throwing money into this guy on a whim here? These executives are the best in the music industry and they know exactly what they are doing, as well as they know the makings of a star. History is clear… talent, combined with the ability to raise strong emotions (both negative and positive), equals super star.

  17. mm

    He made a mistake at the AMA's, but isn't it time to get over it? I think you have a problem with his sexuality not his music ability. He is a brilliant performer and I think he can really help this group out with their stage presence.

  18. Mel46

    to “Dave”: There are so many things I want to say about this – like how I find it upsetting that we live in a world where Lambert found it necessary to tweet reassuringly that he'd keep it family friendly because the world is so full of ignorant people that can't see how well he has always tailored his performances to his audiences… and about how conservatives (not that you are one Dave, but I'm addressing that issue at this moment) are already blogging negatively when they should be concerned with the deplorable conduct (on record) of many of the conservative religious right leaders in this country (talk about something I can't even have on televison screen – MY POLITICAL SHOWS – because inevitably some story w/ the embarrassing conduct of some political right winger comes on and I have to explain it to my kids)… I want to say how disgustingly hypocritical it was the ABC essentially took Lambert off of Dick Clark's New Year's Rockin' Eve and then proceeded to air Jennifer Lopez with a back up dancer in her crotch and the sexually charged performance by Robin Thicke of his “Sex Therapy” track IMMEDIATELY following the heavily advertised tween guest appearances by Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez, seperated by only one short commercial break from Gomez… I could go on and on – but I suppose the most relevant thing I have to say is that I will be watching because of Lambert! People who question why it wasnt Carrie or Kelly or whoever – they need to think about the brilliant STRATEGIZING that went into Lambert's run on AI Season 8… as I've blogged many times before – Lambert's brains are as attractive as anything else about this talented entertainer. And only David Cook & maybe Daughtry, out of the most successful AI former winners and contestants, has not gone through a period where they less than subtley tried to distance themselves from AI – Underwood, Clarkson, Hudson certainly have opted out of recognizing AI when accepting high profile awards. Maybe, just maybe, AI appreciates that Lambert is more than overt and obvious in acknowledging that AI is absolutely to thank for his current and growing success, especially internationally. Maybe, just maybe, they think he will do a good job! as he is incredibly well spoken and articulate, especially in unscripted and off-the-cuff situations, and I don't think the same can be said of all former successful AI contestants. Let's not kid ourselves, at the heart of it, it is all about ratings and record sales and money and numbers and business… but having now stated the obvious – perhaps it's time that Lambert naysayers sincerely and earnestly contemplate just why it is that Lambert was indeed booked for this gig!

  19. Minerva

    All the idol winners are in the same boat after the show. They have to make it on their own. So do, some don't. it is very hard to bash any of the idols when no one knows their outcome after idol because they are really on their own afterwards as to if they will last in the industry. Kelly is no longer a part of Clive Davis and Carrie Underwood will do well on the Country Theme. So many of the idols branched in different directions. Adam Lambert is excellant in artistry and performance and is CURRENT..which is so badly needed this year and Idol was wise to use Adam Lambert. The ratings will go up because Adam is known world wide now and it is what he did on his own and to bash him is to really not know the music industry at all…American Idol is not stupid and could of asked anyone, but they asked the best one. And if you plan on mentioning the AMA performance, Mostly all of the performances were not for children and Adam was the last one so all of those performaces were allowed for children to watch. The radio plays songs that make the AMA pale and blush from the words used that people let their children hear. it amazes me that the world is responsible to everyone's child when the parent is to blame. So…all that said…it is talent that is sought and talent is what is being brought back to the idol stage to mentor new hopefuls..

  20. lelanialoha

    Totally agree with that comment:)
    can't wait to see Adam bring the aparkle back to AI on TUES & WED Night!!!

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