Justin Bieber Bangs The Drums With The Roots On ‘Jimmy Fallon’

Apr 9th, 2010 // 1 Comment

Jimmy Fallon might not have known what he was in for when Justin Bieber set foot on the stage of his talk show last night. In fact, the late night host seemed a bit nervous around the 16-year-old People cover star during their Q & A. At any rate, we already knew Justin was a beatboxing machine, but last night the multi-talented artist sat down with Late Night With Jimmy Fallon house band The Roots and proved he can bang the drum skins pretty ably, too. Watch his interview and drum playing below.

Also note that the little horndog in Bieber couldn’t resist surfacing and getting in a few zingers. When Jimmy told the singer that he asked Justin’s fans to tweet questions to be posed to him, he noted that several girls just sent their phone numbers. “Are you going to give those to me or are you just going to keep them for yourself,” Bieber replied.

Pretty slick, Bieber. But get back to us when you can rock out “Hey Jude” on the bagpipes—because then we’ll know there’s absolutely nothing you can’t do.

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