Adam Lambert Provides You With Even More Entertainment With ‘Remixes’ Album

Apr 9th, 2010 // 4 Comments

So much for the end of those pesky Lady Gaga comparisons—Adam Lambert is releasing a remix album of his own, available for download on his official website today. The upcoming Idol mentor‘s Remixes includes three “Whataya Want From Me” and two “For Your Entertainment” remixes, as well as the bonus track “Voodoo.” Unsurprisingly, we’re bopping in our seats to pretty much every track on the album—join us, won’t you? Turn the volume all the way up and jam to one of the three “Whataya Want From Me” remixes below.

[wpaudio url="" text="Adam Lambert - Whataya Want From Me (Fonzerellis Electro House Club Remix)'" dl="0"]

For a slightly downbeat, emotional song, it works even better glammed up with a faster electro beat. This is definitely how you do a remix, as opposed to just just slapping a hot rapper on the track and having a robot voice explicitly state “This is the remix.” (We’re looking at you, Jason Derulo.) We just wish Adam had waited a little bit longer until after “If I Had You” had been released as his third single, so he could add a remix to that club track as well—as much as we love “Whataya Want From Me,” three remixes in a row gets a little tiresome.

Here’s the full track list:

1. Whataya Want from Me Fonzerelli Electro House Club Mix – 5:51
2. Whataya Want from Me Brad Walsh A Vivir Mix – 4:31
3. Whataya Want from Me Jason Nevins Electrotek Extended Mix – 6:22
4. For Your Entertainment Bimbo Jones Vocal Mix – 6:29
5. For Your Entertainment Brad Walsh Remix -4:56
6. Voodoo 3:14

The EP will be available in digital stores on April 13, but why wait? Head on over to Adam Lambert’s official site to download the full 6-song album now.

  1. Lem

    It's actually totally hot people – get it – so worth it.

  2. Mel

    Just downloaded and listened, kudos to the remixer DJs! I think the Brad Walsh remix of Whataya Want From Me is my fave, and the Bimbo Jones remix of For Your Entertainment is really hot too. These are going straight into my ipod exercise playlist.

    And damn, that bonus track Voodoo is one sexy groove.

  3. trufax

    this stank! adam has flopped miserably, so rca and 19m are going to bleed his already decimated fanbase dry, in an effort to stave off utter collapse, as the promo and big bucks and payols – yes i said it – payola poured into trying to make him a star has them on the edge of ruin. i don't know why the media even bought that sack of horseshyte from the idol machine about adam. are you blind… can you hear… adam… star… are you really this collectively stupid, or iz you just ignorant. knuckle dragging, deliverance banjo playing tobacco chewing ig'nant.

  4. Ilia

    Whataya Want From Me (Jason Nevins Electrotek Extended Mix) is insane!

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