Lin Yu Chun And Nine(-ish) Other Wannabes Who Have Tackled “I Will Always Love You”

Apr 9th, 2010 // 2 Comments

The world at large is currently championing 23-year-old Lin Yu Chun, who belted out Whitney Houston’s version of “I Will Always Love You” during his audition for Taiwanese TV show Super Star Avenue, as the next Susan Boyle. (Guess now we know what CD we’ll be buying Grandma this Christmas.) But seriously—how many other potential Whitneys are out there toiling away in obscurity, without the aid of a televised karaoke competition to make their dreams of sparkly superstar razzle dazzle come true? For the love of The Bodyguard, readers, let’s jump below and find out!

As you can imagine, a quick search through YouTube brings up a slew of amateur crooners professing that they will always love us. (Note: our favorite singer, Hitmanbreakeroftheye, has disabled the embedding of his rendition—probably for good reason. You really do have to see it to believe it, though.)

First up is 23-year-old Pixar Animation employee Nick Pitera…

…and this 23-year-old dude, Aldo, who’s kind of like a Romanian Michael Buble. (Well, maybe not so much with this song, but check out his “Dream A Little Dream” cover!)

Here’s Denver drag queen Misty Valley Paramount. She’s only lip-syncing—badly, we might add—but we often need a reminder that there’s so much beauty in the world.

That brings us to young Jessica Sanchez, who recorded this when she was 12:

And here’s aspiring singer Shan Malaika from Switzerland, who decided to take this stab at “I Will Always Love” back in December…

…and University Of Bucharest student Angelika Vee, who lists her influences as everything from Beethoven to Darkchild!

Something tells us 29-year-old Brubsviana’s version might have come across a tad better if she weren’t singing in a wind tunnel. But keep aiming for the stars anyway, baby!

And finally, Derenzo—who we firmly believe will one day find the right note(s).

So which of these warblers do you think deserves to be carried off into the sunset by Kevin Costner?


  1. peace

    why so much hate?

  2. FormosaTaiwan111

    A taste of some Taiwanese(Formosan) music:
    1. Amis Tribe:
    Difang: Elders Drinking Song
    (Difang's song was using in Enigma – Return to innocence:
    2. Bunun Tribe
    “Formosa the beautiful”
    3. Bunun Pasibutbut
    4. Puyuma Tribe
    Samingad: “Puyuma”

    5. Atayal Tribe:
    “B'nux sa sba yen”

    6. Rukai Tribe

    7. Spring Breeze (Wind Ochestra)

    8. Christian Children (Aboriginal Orphanage) Choir
    The Invisible Hand 那雙看不見的手

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