We Find It Hard To Believe That Vanessa Hudgens Cannot Pay The ‘Rent’

If you thought casting Jessica Biel in Guys and Dolls was a, how do you say, “interesting” choice, well, you may not be as kind when describing this latest announcement: High School Musical alum Vanessa Hudgens will play Mimi in the production of Rent taking place at the Hollywood Bowl this August. The 21-year old is trading in her squeaky-clean persona (what’s left of it after that leaked photo scandal, anyway) to play the part of an HIV-positive junkie stripper in the Pulitzer Prize-winning musical, directed by Neil Patrick Harris (who played Mark in the second national tour). Let’s just round out the inevitably tween-demo-heavy cast now by picking Zac Efron to play Roger, Ke$ha to play Maureen and all three Jonas Brothers to play drag queen Angel.

  • emberglance

    wait'll you see sucker punch…

  • lil

    This is a good opportunity for people to see her in a new kind of role and she auditioned for the role and NPH gave her the part because he feels she is actually good. This is a big thing for him and he will not screw it up by hiring someone who can not do the role. Have a little faith in him and the casting directors and stop being so cynical.

  • em

    you need to give her a chance before you jump her. i'm not saying she's meryl streep but she's 21 and techincally is only beginning her career.

  • Deb

    Uh, nope. Just can't see her as Mimi. I'm trying to picture her doing “Out Tonight” and I'm feeling ill.