PHOTOS: Adam Lambert Struts In Vancouver Concert

Apr 10th, 2010 // 14 Comments

Our favorite craft project inspiration, Adam Lambert, vamped through two slithery performances near Vancouver, British Columbia, as part of the run-up to his own summer tour. He certainly had fun: he mentioned in a post-show tweet how excited he was to see all those “gorgeous ladies and … fierce glammed out boys!” Adam’s working overtime lately — he just released a collection of For Your Entertainment remixes, and he’s been playing guest mentor to the remaining American Idol contestants. Watch Adam strut his stuff in our new gallery. Is it getting warm in here, or is it just him?

  1. britte
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    he can wear a toga or a unisuit, or a kilt, that man's hot!

  2. snowqueen
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    I'm not surprised that they had to add another show for Adam. When Adam comes back to Michigan (or any where kinda close) I will be on the phone even before they go on sale. I saw him once, and he was the most exciting performer I had ever seen. I felt that way about Lady Gaga. Both of their shows were spectacular!

  3. Commented on this photo:

    ADAM!!!!! OMG I cant stop looking at this guy or cant stop googling him for performances! Im in awe of his talent and charisma! I loved what he said before he sang his new single to be IIHY,( No matter your age, no matter what your sex, no matter what your color of skin, we can all party together!! I love this guy!!

  4. chloe
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    all i can say is Hot, there are no words to desribe how insired i am by this man
    thank you adam for putting life back into music again

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    The videos are fantastic for both his shows. I sure hope they can schedule a little larger venues for his tour this summer because the tickets sold out in 10 minutes and a lot of people who wanted to go couldn't. I saw Adam live at Fantasy Springs and he is phenomenal live – worth everything to see him live!! Hope to see him again this summer!

  6. pj
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    Adam is the most talented singer out there right now….and the sexiest! I will pay good money to see him!

  7. MadGall
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  8. Tj
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    this guy is going super star super nova- what avoice, talent,showmanship,charisma and all around nice guy-he has it all-if u get the chance to see him live you are in for one of the mosr exciting tome ever!!

  9. Tj
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    this guy is going super star super nova- what avoice, talent,showmanship,charisma and all around nice guy-he has it all-if u get the chance to see him live you are in for one of the motr exciting time ever!!

  10. peggy
    Commented on this photo:

    I liked the way he looked the first show…handsome and comfortable and groovy boots….best ever.

  11. Lance
    Commented on this photo:

    I am a huge Adam fan and I went to the concert on the eighth. I was actually very dissapointed. While his vocal performance had never been better, and he was very entertaining to watch, strutting his stuff on stage, there wasn’t even the slightest of bit of stage effects (save for a laser) to say that this was anything more than just another idol performance. This would normally would be perfectly fine, except for the fact that we were charged $100 for a single ticket, for a performance without so much as a dance routine or pyro technics. I’ve been to concerts that cost $50 and they still managed to do something else for their performance other than just walk around and sing. After the show, lambert left the venue for his van without even lookin up or waving at the large cluster or fans waiting outside for a chance to just say hello.

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  13. Commented on this photo:

    Adam is the best performer that I have ever had the pleasure to watch, whether on videos, live or on TV! I cant wait for his next one cuz I cant get enough of him! For those who think it wasnt visually what they wanted? Its called money! You need money to have the kind of show that Adam wants and he is building up to that! Lance, you are describing a guy that certainly ist Adam in your describtion! Dont know if you have a hidden agenda or what but Adam goes out of his way to entertain and to give love back to his fans and press! In fsct I dont know of any other artist or goes out of his way so much to please us! Adam is a super star and I cant wait till he has the backing for the show he really wants to give us! Im ready! But really, I would be happy to just watch this mega talent sit on a stool and sing his face off with those amazing vocals of his! The guy is real!!!!

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