Nicki Minaj and Chris Brown Show Off Their Spring Bling For BET

Apr 12th, 2010 // 5 Comments

BET’s Spring Bling took over Riviera Beach in Florida for the fourth year in a row this weekend, and Chris Brown and Nicki Minaj were just some of the hot acts performing for the sun-soaked (and most likely heavily inebriated) crowds. Chris busted out his dance moves while lip-syncing “I Can Transform Ya,” while newly tour-less Nicki spit out raps for her fans while donning a purple wig and a pretty drafty skin-tight dress. The performances will air on BET this Friday, but get a preview below of Nicki and Chris rockin’ out on stage by taking the jump.

Chris Brown – BET Spring Bling

Nicki Minaj – BET Spring Bling

Here’s a bonus vid of Nicki performing “Bedrock” and “Shakin’ It For Daddy” at club Cinema in Pompano Beach. She may be starting to regret leaving the Last Girl On Earth tour, as Rihanna has already managed to sell out Madison Square Garden. Oh well—without Barbies in attendance, there’s more room for Ke$ha-heads to start a glitter-filled mosh pit, right?

Nicki Minaj


  1. jasmine

    Niki is not regreting pulling out of anything. Like it is a surprise that Rihanna sold out in Madison Square Gardens. Anything associated with Jay-Z will sell out in Madison Square Gardens. Lets see how she does elsewhere and that will be the test to see how many of us really appreciate her butt. See everywhere else in the world talent means something.

  2. just saying

    but here's the thing:
    will Nicki Minaj EVER sell out Madison Square Garden BY HERSELF without YOUNG MONEY? i think not
    Rihanna is a bigger and better artist than Nicki Minaj and it's a shame that Nicki supposedly”pulled out” of the tour because that would have been a lot of exposure for her

  3. lala

    lala: my babay nicki is live. aint no way riahana can compare to ha so all you haters fck off & go suck on a dck yeeee !

  4. aaliyah

    init nicki is wayy better than rihanna. rihanna dnt even write her ownn music so apart from Iala the rest of uz tlkin shit

  5. idk why niggas hatn on my nigga nicki minaj she is raw and cant nobody tell me she not nicki is waaayyyy sexcier den rihanna no jack and nicki is not fake she just not worried about ha hattas cuz dey aint doin shyt but makn they self lookin bad realtalk nicki and chris is my babys and i will always and foever b they # 1 fan!

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