Sneak Peak Pics From Christina Aguilera’s “Not Myself Tonight” Music Video

Apr 12th, 2010 // 7 Comments

After a week of teasing, Christina Aguilera leaked her first single off of her Bionic album, “Not Myself Tonight”. Now she’s up to her old tricks again, taunting us with pics from the track’s music video. We’re not sure how dancing, partying, and looking gorgeous fall under the heading of “Not Herself Tonight” for Ms. Aguilera. (Sassy videos are out of character, all of a sudden? Please). As a general rule, Christina’s videos keep gettin’ better, so we’re excited to see what she’ll do with all those look-alikes. Click to see the Bionic woman prep her first clip after the jump.

Not Myself Tonight Video

(via That Grape Juice)


  1. marc

    Oh I think she read from a book called, “How to be Madonna”.

  2. andy

    for your information she is not the one who has being inspired by Madona remenber gaga well if i was you i would shut up think and comment after

  3. abss

    i think its gonna be awesome, punto!

  4. jessica

    dude, if she’s trying to copy Madonna, then how is it that she kicks Madonna’s ars?

  5. addy

    I think she is trying to take gaga's style musically and appearance. Lady gaga is huge right now and I think Aguilera is threatened and wants a piece of what Lady gaga has.

  6. fer

    jajajajajaja parese un puddle y quiere compiarle a britney en su video 3 y a lady gaga con ese vestuario jajajajaj

  7. Britfan

    She, Britney and Madonna are the Best and the only pop icons of whole the pop industry. The others Like Lady Gaga and Beyonce are copy.

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