Travie McCoy Classes Up His Solo Album With A Shot Of Ke$ha On “Want U Bad”

After flying high with his mellow jam of wish-fulfillment “Billionaire” with Bruno Mars, Travie McCoy’s brain goes back in the gutter on the girl-scouting track “Want U Bad,” featuring the restroom stall regular Ke$ha. Travie’s got his sights set on the Pixies fan in the song—doesn’t he know it’s impossible to get in Ke$ha’s pants as she refuses to wear any? Listen to “Want U Bad,” from McCoy’s debut solo album Lazarus, below.

[wpaudio url=”//″ text=”Travie McCoy feat. Ke$ha – Want U Bad” dl=”0″]

Travie’s unleashed yet another catchy song full of playful, flirty rhymes—we have a feeling this album might be one of the underdog hits of the summer, and its success might inspire McCoy to stay solo a little bit longer, especially since Gym Class Heroes’ fanbase seems to have quieted down the past few years.