Lea Michele And The ‘Glee’ Girls Dress Up In Madonna’s Love For ‘TV Guide’

The women of Glee—Lea Michele, Jane Lynch, Amber Riley, Dianna Agron, and Jenna Ushkowitz—celebrated Madonna’s fashion history for TV Guide in anticipation of their Madge-only episode (airing April 20). Lea rocked a pink dress straight out of the “Material Girl” music video, while Jane strapped on a cone bra, Jenna did her best “Lucky Star,” Amber was “Like a Virgin,” and Dianna wore a tight black number for a “Papa Don’t Preach” look (fitting, since she already sang the song on the show).

Check out a behind-the-scenes video of the Material Girls at the photo shoot, below (unless, of course, you’re already experiencing the inevitable Glee backlash earlier than expected).

“I think we’re celebrating Ryan Murphy’s adolescence with this episode,” says Jane Lynch, who’s all dolled up at Vogue Madonna. But really—no Kabbalah Madonna? No children’s book author Madonna? Not even crazy arms Madonna? They at least could have dressed up Mark Salling as Jesus Luz and have him follow Lea Michele around like a puppy dog all day.

(One more question: Amber Riley mentions that her favorite song of the pop star’s is “The Power of Love.” Did she mean “The Power of Goodbye” or did we completely forget an old Madonna tune?)