Today In ‘Idol’: Adam Lambert Preps The Top 9 For Elvis Night

Apr 13th, 2010 // 3 Comments

:: Adam Lambert mentors the Top 9 tonight. We expect to see every last contestant rocking some spiked shoulderpads and a diamond codpiece. Oh, and they all should sing just as flawlessly as Adam can. No pressure! [BuddyTV]

:: The contestants sing Elvis Presley songs tonight—here’s a hint guide to finding out which songs may be performed. [People]

:: Idol commentator Richard Rushfield writes about his fandom of American Idol in Reality Matters, a new book out today that digs deep into the reality shows that get people obsessed. [Idol Chatter]

:: Dancing With The Stars‘ partners did the tango and the rumba to Adam Lambert and Kris Allen songs last night. We are still waiting for a couple to Paso Doble to “Pants on the Ground.” [Idol Tracker]

:: Randy Jackson tells MTV that there aren’t any front runners for Simon Cowell’s job as of yet. Uh, better hurry up on that, Fox, you’re eight weeks away from the finale and the clock is ticking. [MTV]

  1. MR_Red_Beard

    Adam Lambert was AWSOME tonight on Idol.
    We thought he did a great job at being a mentor. I think this was a good choice by Idol to have Adam on the show.
    Again, Crystal Bowersox had a great night as well as Big Mike. I look forward to seeing them in the final 2-3, weel see.


    I thought Adam Lambert was AWSOME tonight on Idol.
    Adam seemed to get the contestants to pick it up a bit.
    I am very happy that Idol asked Adam to mentor.
    Crystal Bowersox sounded Great, as well as Big Mike, they are my Favs.

  3. laura

    Yes, I would agree that Mr. Lambert was a good choice. I think it was a great way for Idol to pay their respects to a musical artist they all had great respect for throughout last season. It is so very rare for all four judges to rave over a contestants performances over and over again throughout the competition. This is a guy who knows how to change up a song and make it his own without dishonoring the original. He is also honest yet sensitive to everyone he engagaes with. Not sure what happened with the AMAs but I am definitly ready to embrace his artistry again. I think we all just pushed his buttons way too much with his sexuality too early in his career and he sent out a message with that performance. He was angry in my opinion at that point in his career. Too much flak for something that doesn't equate to who he is as a person. Great mentoring job Adam!

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