PHOTOS: Ke$ha In ‘Interview’—Yes, We’re Certain It’s Ke$ha Under There!

Apr 14th, 2010 // 9 Comments

How we long for the days when Ke$ha only wore glitter on her face. For her April photo spread in Interview magazine, the “TiK ToK” singer resembled less of the party girl she’s known as and looked more like a kindergartner’s art class project. She denies this is all just a ploy to shock us, Ms. Sebert told the mag, “None of it’s fabricated. Like, I have a belief that if I wear my placenta in a necklace there’s a possibility of me . . . being psychic.” Yikes! She went on to tell Interview, “I’m pretty sure that I was JFK in my past life.” You know, it’s that kind of talk that makes us wonder if it’s really love that’s Ke$ha’s drug. Flip through to see if you can spot Ke$ha underneath all that paint. (Don’t worry all these pics are placenta-free.)


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  3. Ron
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    I did not know she had been frightened by sharks. Odd world. Thought she was shark bait. Probably does not matter.

    The images are beautiful. Two weeks ago, I spent more time than I have since I have been here considering the art work of a student at a college. Part of it involved a pile of her hair. Most of it consisted of collages, in beautiful colors and papers, on intaglio prints. The feel of the work not unlike what we see here.

    The day JFK was assassinated, I heard about it on a bus coming home from kindergarden. I told my mother, and she scolded me for saying awful things. She burst into tears when she turned on the television. When I had to make a “choice” recently, the most reasonable interpretation of my action would be, “Mother, Rose is the one.” She has been dead for some time.

    Of course, JFK “means” Just F**king Kidding. Even so, the young woman is incredible.
    If she needed help cleaning up, I would bathe her. With pleasure.

    Joy to you, Rose.

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  5. ew
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    I'd prob. like them if it weren't her. Can't f-n stand her talent-less as$.
    Who even takes her seriously? She looks lame posing as if she's some serious artist.

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    Hehe. Funny pictures. I can’t wait to see her on SNL. Tik Tok and Sariah’s Deep N Luv have been on constant repeat!

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