Today In ‘Idol’: Leaving ‘American Idol’ Is The Hot New Trend

Apr 14th, 2010 // 1 Comment

:: Adam Lambert (who we now know can mentor contestants as proficiently as he can apply eyeliner) performs tonight during the results show. Read our recap of the Top 9 performances to see which famous animated character we think Adam resembled last night (as if he wasn’t already a famous, extremely animated character already). [Idolator]

:: Glambert discusses mentoring the Top 9, and answers why there have been so many male finalists in recent years: “The demographic is mostly women voters… [women don't vote for other women] as much as the boy they think is cute.” [Idol Tracker]

:: We’re not just losing Simon Cowell this year—Idol’s Rickey Minor will leave his post as music director of the singing competition to replace Kevin Eubanks’ spot as bandleader on The Tonight Show. We bet Ellen is having some serious second thoughts about joining Idol as every last original member is leaving.  [Idol Chatter]

:: Seriously—what was kooky-acting Ryan Seacrest on last night? Either he was sipping from Paula’s old Coca-Cola cup or he’s desperately trying to get kicked off the show so he doesn’t have to go down with the inevitable sinking ship that will be Season 10. [EW]



  1. ianaleah

    Because of 12 weeks of helping the other contestants with their songs last year, Adam’s unofficial ‘mentoring’ probably is why he was specifically helpful to each individual most suited to their strengths and weaknesses.He did such a great job as mentor, he moved all previous mentors out of that title and to cheerleader status.

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