Is Lady Gaga’s Beef With Christina Aguilera Her Best Feud Yet?

Apr 15th, 2010 // 51 Comments

Perhaps it’s all just part of the Fame, but we’re shaking our heads at the number — and diversity — of respected music stars who have taken aim at pop queen Lady Gaga lately. It’s been a long time since a mainstream star has triggered so much open, public debate over every aspect of their art. Some (Roisin Murphy, Kerli, etc.) charge that Gaga jacked their style or look. Others (Team Aguilera) accuse her of ripping off their music, while M.I.A. blasts her for adopting avant-garde style without the substance (see them face off in pics here). How long can Gaga remain on top when the rest of the pop world is creating such a toxic atmosphere around her?

Gaga vs. Christina Aguilera
This is one of the first, and maybe the most historically significant, fights in Gaga’s career. (It’s also one of the best, because unlike almost all the others, it centers on two artists who are both relevant, global stars on relatively equal ground.)

The most recent volley in the ongoing Gaga vs. X-Tina battle (which dates back to early 2009) came earlier this month, when producer Claude Kelly (who wrote four tracks for Christina’s upcoming Bionic) told VIBE, that comparisons to the “Dirrty” singer are “crap… Christina Aguilera has been around for over 10 years now. As far as pop goes, she is the defining voice of today’s music. She can do things with her voice that I haven’t heard anybody else do.”

Fair enough. But Akon, who gave Gaga a much-needed big break when he signed the then-unknown singer to his Kon Live Distribution label, shot back at Kelly’s claim, and spoke to VIBE himself. The singer/producer says he misses “the old Christina Aguilera” and there’s “not even any competition” as to who is the more successful pop act. “You are actually giving Christina too much credit. She always had her cool little look and way about how she went about things. But soon as Gaga came out everything switched up. Christina stepped out of her own shell to become something different.”

Yes, the producers and associates are doing the talking now — and that may change as Christina steps out and starts doing promotion for her album — but back in the beginning, Christina and Gaga weren’t afraid to face each other directly.

All the way back in early 2009, many were accusing Christina of ripping off a then-relatively unknown Gaga’s look — the two pop stars shared a curiously similar taste in hairstyles and stage wardrobes.. However, Christina denied that she even knew who Gaga was: “I’m not quite sure who this person is, to be honest. I don’t know if it is a man or a woman. I just wasn’t sure. I really don’t spend any time on the Internet, so I guess I live a little under a rock in that respect.”

Gaga was more than happy for the comparisons, since she was essentially still just a blip on the pop-culture radar before this “scandal” positioned her closer to the spotlight. “They saw a huge, Grammy-winning star who’s been around for years and they recognized Lady Gaga,” she reportedly said. “That to me is quite an accomplishment.”

Gaga vs. Madonna
It’s a little too obvious to compare Gaga to Madonna, but the similarities cannot be ignored: both are Italian-Americans, make pure pop music and share an aggressive, edgy sexuality as the focal point of their persona. (And hey, both get their own Glee episodes!) Gaga has compared herself to Madge.

But even if Madonna fans claim Lady Gaga ripped off Madonna’s whole schtick, she’s not mad—she tells MTV she’s “flattered” by the comparisons. In fact, the only time these two have really been at one another’s throats was on Saturday Night Live (and even that faux-fight was tepid and awkwardly staged at best).

Gaga vs. Roisin Murphy
The eccentric Irish singer allegedly started the feud herself, telling Irish Central, “Lady Gaga is just a poor imitation of me. She has copied my style.” Roisin backpedaled the next day, blogging that she had been forced into a “tabloid trap” and that that quote had been entirely fabricated. Still, even we couldn’t help but push the comparisons even further, posting many incriminating photos that scream fashion thievery on Gaga’s part (including crustacean habdashery).

Gaga vs. Kerli
Kerli, on the other hand, does not deny making disparaging comments towards Gaga—she couldn’t since Kerli posted a war of the words on her own MySpace blog. “It’s kinda f#@!ing funny that Lady Gaga ALSO has yellow hair now,” Kerli wrote. “I wish she would f*#@ing stop ripping off everything I do. F#@!ing bitch.”

She apologized the next day, stating she was just mad that “every time I do something different and I post a picture up on MySpace, she’s also looking the same way within two week’s time.” Not much of an apology, is it?

Gaga vs. M.I.A.
M.I.A. blasted Gaga in a recent NME interview. “None of her music’s reflective of how weird she wants to be or thinks she is,” the singer complained. “She models herself on Grace Jones and Madonna, but the music sounds like 20-year-old Ibiza music, you know?” She also went on a tirade about all the product placement in the “Telephone” video. We’re chalking this one up to be just a bad attitude, as M.I.A. pretty much slams everything under the sun in the same interview. (On the other hand, Gaga and M.I.A. do rock some pretty similar poses — check out this highly incriminating Buzznet gallery for proof).

Gaga vs. Fox News
Fox commentator Sandy Rios called Gaga and her “Telephone” music video, “poison for the minds of our kids” and compared her to a child molester. Let’s not waste anymore time on this one.

Gaga vs. Donny Osmond
Donny Osmond is clearly not a fan of the “Telephone” video, either. “I’m a parent, and I’m upset about this,” Osmond said in a statement. “I wonder whether the music industry might need to rethink its marketing policies with regard to making an explicit music video containing profanity, sexual exploitation, nudity, and graphic violence available to anyone with Internet access.”

Gaga vs. Paris Hilton

We’re not sure how much we believe this one, but we might as well throw it on here. Apparently, according to “a blogger” (thanks, journalists over at OK!, for being so specific), The Fame is directed at how “anyone can feel famous” and points to Gaga’s high school classmate Paris Hilton as the driving source behind that statement. “Lady Gaga is clearly talking about the do-nothing heir-head she went to school with,” said the pun-loving anonymous blogger, who also claims Paris was fuming mad. We’re not exactly sure how angry Paris would be with Gaga, since she paid homage to her former classmate by rocking a hair bow. (Plus, we really, really don’t want to believe that Paris Hilton is the muse behind The Fame.)

Lady Gaga vs. Cascada
Okay, we’re responsible for starting this one. As we’ve stated before, the German pop band’s “Pyromania” is almost a direct lift of “Poker Face” (complete with a male background vocalist declaring “ma-ma” almost identical to the one in Gaga’s song). And “Evacuate The Dancefloor” is pretty much the poor man’s version of “Just Dance.”

Bottom line: does Gaga need to work to mend fences with any of these artists? Or should she simply continue to tend to her little monsters and let the chips fall where they may?


  1. jp09

    totally agree with “lovely”. this article was written with a huge bias towards gaga. so i'm going to address each and every one.

    gaga vs christina = it's no doubt that christina is a great singer…but she hasn't had anything good in years!!!! just because she's struggling to make a comeback doesn't mean she and her people get to bash gaga.

    gaga vs. madonna = there is NO feud there!!! gaga is simply the madonna of this generation and that's all there is to it. end of story.

    roison murphy = no one cares

    kerli = she's just mad because both of her albums have flopped and whatever doesn't work for her works for gaga. sorry sweetie, you suck.

    m.i.a.= i'm pretty sure mia is crazy anyway…soo wutever. she's just mad that when she tries to be out of the box, ppl think she's crazy but when gaga does it it's groudbreaking.

    fox news = ummm hellooo, everyone knows fox is the conservative republican news station. of course they wouldn't like gaga.

    donny osmond = WHO CARES!!! if u don't like the video then don't let ur kids watch and that's the end of it!!!!! the rest of us can watch it as we please!!! i've seen telephone a million times!!!!

    paris hilton = they went to school together and don't have a problem with each other. stop starting shit.

    cascada = why are you looking for fights when there are none?????

    this article is completely bogus and has no justification for any of it's claims. stop starting shit

  2. sunoftheskye

    “just because she's struggling to make a comeback doesn't mean she and her people get to bash gaga.”

    Um, her single is the most added song at radio this year. How exactly is she “struggling” to make a comeback?

    Additionally, how has anyone in Christina's camp bashed Gaga at all?

  3. Becky

    What was their beef with one another? Can't recall a Gaga vs Tori feud. Do tell.

  4. Becky

    How are we bias against Lady Gaga by just rounding up all the feuds she's been involved with? We didn't create any of these fake-or-real feuds, we're just reporting them. (Okay, we're sort of guilty of starting the Cascada/Gaga beef, but Cascada deserves it for basically copycatting Gaga's hit songs.) Obviously we're big fans of Gaga, but it's worth dissecting the reasons other people/musicians may not be quite as supportive.

  5. tinkerbell

    fuck christiana man lady gaga thats my fucking girl keep it up lady gaga

  6. teaana


  7. Journey

    Gaga has taken a lot of hits but one of the things that I like about her is that she never bashes those artists who bash her.

    None of the feuding is surprising however- Gaga is at the top so some people will do whatever they can to try and take away some of her shine (MIA, Aguilera…)unfortunately for them it only makes them seem bitter and pathetic.

  8. Lovely

    @Becky, the bias toward Gaga meaning that that my opinion is that the article is ‘pro-Gaga’ and completely leaning to agree with her side of the arguments. I don’t remember MJ having this much controversy about other artists claiming that he copied them. There is always some truth to every rumor & I don’t feel that the article reported everything and rather dismissed every claim of the other artists and celebrities based upon their own level of relevancy in terms of popular culture. To make a statement that Lady Gaga is popular right now is very true but to say that anyone making a claim or criticizing statement against her is jealous or dismissed based on their popularity is just pack mentality. The article also stated that Lady Gaga is getting ‘negative energy’ and I think that’s unfair. People should be able to express themselves and share their thoughts. Just because LG is popular right now doesn’t mean that we should make her like a deity.

  9. riannanrhapsody

    Gaga doesn't need to respond to any of the crap from any of the other so called professional artists-is it jealousy on their part? Gaga is a true professional and this is showing more and more everyday when those idiots spoil their own image slagging off Gaga.

  10. christinaprincesspop




  11. Farrah

    Tori questioned Gaga's ability to last in the music biz. She called her a “meteor”, someone who entertains people, especially in dark times when we need a little glamour to escape into. She said there's nothing wrong with that, but will she be performing at Glastonbury 40 years later like Neil Young is. And she also added that Neil Young didn't need to shake his ass in a thong to get attention. Out of all the people who have criticized Gaga, Tori's comments make the most sense. At least she's not saying this because she feels threatened by Gaga or needs publicity.

  12. Farrah

    Most of these so-called feuds aren't even feuds. Christina, Madonna and Paris do not have any known issues with Gaga. Madonna even complimented Gaga, it seems to me that she's willing to pass on the torch.

  13. Farrah

    BTW, who is that chick at the top of the picture left to Gaga? Not Gaga's left, I'm not talking about Christina Aguilera.

  14. Farrah

    You might wanna blame her fans for her pretentiousness. At the beginning, she was a very nice and humble girl, but as she got big and was hailed as some great musical god by her fans, her ego slowly started to swell. She's not a horrible person (as of yet, anyway) and probably has long way to go before reaching Kanye West levels of arrogance. But I think she's set on going down that path, because now she too writes her blog posts in ALL-CAPS. At least she has the decency to break it up in lines so it can still be legible, as opposed to the paragraph chunk eyesores Kanye gives us.




  16. Great article, GaGa's globe throttling singles, each eclipsing the last until 'bad romance' eclipsed just about everything has put her in a league of her own. This is a true pop genius at work

  17. novacek

    I really do not see the big deal in all of this….people copy each other's music and style all the time. Some pull it off, some don't….we dont know for sure if Gaga is coming up with her own style or if she is copying some other artist's but you gotta admit that she can pull it off.

    Congratulations to all the other artists out there that have made their own thing and i completely respect you for that. But if people only notice Gaga doing it, doesnt it show that either they are not well-known enough for people to care, or it's just Gaga pulling it off better than they can?

  18. zbee1

    What about GaGa's rip-off of Dylan? Why wasn't this mentioned? And didn't Bethoven play the piano, too? Wearing a white powder wig while he was at it, btw. How dare Lady GaGa play a piano with a wig on.

    Bottom line: the girl is sexy as all get out and very talented.

  19. ali

    oh god…zzzzz…yeah whatever gaga it's the sun, the moon, and all the planets who tha F.u.c.k cares!? to all her fans SHE'S NOT ORIGINAL so STOP praising her for what other REAL ARTISTS DID. Her songs SUCKS, she's just doing POP music it's like suddenly po po po poker face it's some fucking revolutionary song for god sakes! Without her eccentric clothes NOBODY CARES about her…if she wears jeans and a t-shirt NOBODY it's going to care about her…it's all about “WHAT'S SHE'S GOING TO WEAR!?! she's not DAVID BOWIE so STOP fucking annoying with this blond dumb fuck! i don't even like christina's and madonna's music but prefer them before gaga at least they take between 3 and 4 years to comeback and when they do they're not annoying with any kind of crap

  20. amy

    how interesting..graces jones annoyed that gaga has copied her style without any original ideas! ha

  21. Little Monster from NY

    LOL! JEALOSY. Lady Gaga has left a legacy, in just ONE ALBUM and a EP. It's like a greatest hits album. Compare that to ALL of Xtinas 10-year career. Will you find a diamond certified album in there? A debut sold out tour?? Can she even WRITE her own music??? Was she hailed as a movement? No Christina is just bitter because from the very beginning she was always 2nd best. 10 years ago it was all eyes on Britney Spears. The reason Britney is so iconic today is because 10 years ago, teen pop was only sung by corny boy groups. She was the first teenage girl to make this music and become the most successful. Then, there was Xtina. Her rival. . . Second best. Kiss with Madonna >> ALL EYES ON BRITNEY AND MADONNA. That pist Xtina off… SHES LAME AND JEALOUS.

    I have to admit, I am so disappointed that Xtina stooped to such a trashy level, calling Gaga a man! You dumb bimbo, your new music sucks and because of Gaga you will have to try A LITTLE harder to be the star you once were.

    For the other celebrities talking smack, just keep in mind Lady Gaga can give two shits and isn't losing any sleep because she is on top of her game and has changed POP. She is already an icon..

  22. Little Monster from NY

    Sorry sun of the sky, Christina is struggling. Her new music is SHIT. You'll have to read the article above to see why/how xtinas camp are trying to bash gaga.

  23. Little Monster from NY

    lol “..we need to allow other artists to be great as well”? And how do you propose we do that? Are you forgetting that it's pop music? If it's hot, it's hot. If it's not it's well NOT.

    If you were as smart as your trying to make yourself sound, you would know that nothing is original. In terms of POP, nothing at all is original. Ideas come from other ideas. However, It takes a great mind to coin a look.

    Lady Gaga has written all of her music. The only artist to completely write their first record and have it become a smash was Madonna. Today she is the Queen of Pop. Lady gaga has done just that and in a year her first album was certified diamond.. That means that Lady Gaga has officially done something no other pop act has done before… I would think and would hope that Lady Gaga is considered not just an artist, but a movement.

  24. sunoftheskye

    Your personal opinion of her music has nothing to do with whether her music is struggling or not. The fact remains she's doing very well at radio.

    And I did read the article, no one from Christina's camp has bashed Lady Gaga at all….

  25. Little Monster from NY

    If you don't care, why are you posting comments!?

    LADY GAGA is #1

  26. Little Monster from NY

    They did the same thing to MADONNA. Today she is royalty.

  27. Little Monster from NY

    Good for u… SERIOUSLY. lmfao

    p.s you got an ugly ass name

  28. Little Monster from NY

    you are a hot mess. I like Xtinas old music but she sucks now. Pigney?? If it weren't for Britney, Xtina would not be famous. As for Beyonce I agree, she sucks.

    Go Bionic, straight to the bubbling under charts and a drop from the label!!! LMFAO!

  29. Lovely

    @little Monster From New York, Just by your name, you are showing how you follow mainstream and are so 'hip' and in and how 'stupid' I am, all the while you write like somebody who needs to take an English class.You could be very intellectual, just stating the facts here. I think that it's great, you enjoy Lady Gaga, but nobody was calling anybody stupid, except you. Obviously, what I said struck a cord to make you be defensive. There's really no need to be defensive. If you like her, that's great. You be a little Monster. I might be wasting more of my brain power by replying but I don't want you getting my words twisted up like Becky did. If you read my comment, you would see that I was really referring to 'branding' without making it about business, and more focused on art. All artists have their own particular brand because ALL artists are potential products whether they have a record deal or not. Microsoft was taken to court for monopolization. We need to allow all artists the right to create and be open minded to accept people and not just assume that the 'bigger artist' is the only one who can be great. And, if you think that TONS of money aren't poured in from Record Companies to publicize artists in magazines, blogs, TV, video, Radio, etc. then you really are brainwashed. After all, Lady Gaga was an unsigned artist just a couple of years ago and nobody knew about her-what if someone accused her of copying a bigger artist. There is not one artist that can be everything. So much more can be enjoyed without comparisons and um, 'stans' coming in defensive of their 'fave' artists. In the age of the internet, it doesn't have to cost money to promote indie artists. And if you still don't understand me, then yes, I am smarter than you, but I'm sure you have other gifts that I don't have. peace.

  30. JG

    I admire GaGa for qualities she has some people have not yet had the chance to understand. As a person she appears very respectful, tolerant, comfortable with her own looks and never bitter or negative about other people’s success. I seen numerous interviews where reporters try to create a feud and tried to twist words around Lady GaGa’s responses to make her spit words that later can be broken and subjectively articulated and composed by the media into HATE content. Unfortunately it is in part the media’s fault and the so needed ratings. People who critic GaGa and by pass the fact that over and over she states she is “an expression of art” play just hate and ignorance. You don’t have to like her or even acknowledge her as she is not who is bringing food to your table nor sleeping in your home. As she ignores awful things people say about her, those who talk non sense should go on with their own business and express their hate to tangible people and not a person that all she does is work hard. I just can’t imagine someone walking into my own office and tell me that I type awkward, that I answer the phone in a weird way, that I shouldn’t do what I enjoy doing just because it bothers them…Our world has truly gone selfish and destructive. Some people appear to enjoy the destruction of others and without even knowing why. I, as commented by jp09, will like to comment on each “feud” listed in this article…

    gaga vs christina = I never disliked Christina. Even when Pink didn’t like her (I am a PINK fan) However just read her interview and consequently heard her new song. She states “I am not myself tonight” Ok so… then who are you girl? Talking about copy cat, then tell us who you are. From the lyrics and the “F” word (used unnecessary) appears you are either Katy Perry or Britney Spears since you are making out with girls now?? Did you really like that little kiss with Madonna? …why can’t xtina just express herself??? I guess she got tired of her own persona. She also contradicts herself as she states “I feel more comfortable in my own skin than I ever have before” Confusing ain’t?

    gaga vs. madonna = this is a non sense!

    roison murphy = mmmh Girl you should thank Lady GaGa that I googled her name and well… there where about 844,000 for roison murphy versus 73,400,000 for lady gaga. This should speak for itself

    kerli = Another one that should thank GaGa that I now know who she is. To me looks like Avril Lavigne wanna be. I haven’t heard her music and since appears that her last work was in 2008 I am not sure I am up to backtrack for bad POP. So yeah later girl! ..peace!

    m.i.a.= M.I.A. – M.I.A – The title is perfect for you! Go and do your duties and please go missing! I like couple of songs but come on! You bouncing pregnant on stage with a bunch of rappers at the 51st Annual Grammy was funny while Lady GaGa at the 52nd Annual Grammy pulled off the best performance of the night wearing an original piece looking like tinker bell on steroids singing next to Elton John. How come no one seems to remember the most positive and memorable moments sometimes?

    fox news = while I respect people’s opinions I think FOX news and in particular the person comparing lady GaGa to a child molester are sick and are the reason sometimes we have disturbed kids that for being non exposed and non educated in sexual matters end up in bad situations.

    donny osmond = I am sorry but look into your own home and see that something went real wrong there. Shouldn’t you be mourning instead of going out of your business and try to censor other people’s art expression? You have your ways, GaGa has her own be respectful and turn off your T.V. if you want to censor anything.

    paris hilton = This is another non-sense. As blogger you should inform yourself first with facts. Look at the “Paris Hilton meets Lady Gaga at the Nokia 5800 Launch” you tube video. Or just Google both names…they have nothing but LOVE for each other!

    cascada = this is pointless. What about Grace Jones? After all the good things GaGa have been saying about Grace Jones, Grace Jones does nothing but accuse her of copying her style while GaGa has done nothing but express her own ideas using past expressions of art as a tool.

    I don’t think this article is a waste just a matter of opinion.

  31. archer

    take a chill pill you grudging whore. if the music doesn't please you, no need to go CAPS LOCK on us. it's just annoying and doesn't get you're point across.

  32. Farrah

    Both of you are incredibly stupid. Your parents need to restrict your time on the computer.

  33. freakyberry

    no matter what, i absolutely love Lady GaGa. She's real!

  34. Val

    What you said was complete and utter bullshit.

  35. Skye

    I dont care if GaGa copied every singer in the world. she does it with more passion and originality then all those whiny bitches. they are just hella mad becuz GaGa has this insane fan base that will NEVER GO AWAY. p.s. xtina’s an aweful person, no seriously have you ever watched her interviews?

  36. Lovely

    @Skye, I’ve seen some ‘choice’ video interviews of Lady Gaga also where she isn’t so nice. It’s fine if you are going to completely ignore the work of others and support an opportunistic parasite such as Lady Gaga. You are contributing as to why the music world is so small and simple. There couldn’t be anyone who as talented as Lady gaga in the world with as much passion? Get over it. These artists are speaking out and there’s lots of them, there’s always some truth behind every rumor.

  37. Skye

    like you said there is always some truth behind every rumor, and most of the rumors are about christina copying GaGa. i like lots of other artists, im just saying christina in particular is ridiculous. the only thing she is ‘passionate’ about is making money and being the hottest new thing. and have you seen her new video!! takky! i have nothing against mothers being sexy, more power to them. but she just looks like a skank.

  38. ya i tihnk shes trynig to be like gaga becase she is really big!! but i thnk Christina was kinda like that befor but didint take it to the the top like laddy gaga so i still am kinda mad becase i love gaga and chritina dosent need to be kissnig girls and donig nastey stuff she has a baby and a husben i wonder how he feels.see it diffnt becase laddy gaga is like that.

  39. I love Lady gaga, Love her style and fashion!

  40. Sydney

    Lady Gaga is the biggest star now!! Just the fact that everybody is talking about her!!

  41. Sydney

    No one talks about Taylor Swift anymore! Lady Gaga is IT!!

  42. Angelique

    Christina is an Icon and it’s great that Lady Gaga has experienced her success but her camp shouldn’t begrudge Christina or her massive success. Dirrty was the reason I loved Stripped so much, not beautiful or any of the other ballads. Ballads are nice when you need to relax with a glass of wine after a stressful day, but it’s songs like Dirrty and Fighter that made that album. Bionic, whether it’s successful or not, will be just another album for fans to enjoy, regardless of what the critics might say. Christina is the artist of this millenium and she’s proved it time and again. Lady Gaga seems like a lost little girl at times trying to figure out who she is and struggling to be noticed. Not impressed and not a fan, but like any TRUE artist (aka not Trashy Spears), she deserves her accolades as well.

  43. Sally

    At least Xtina’s hair is real…along with her talent. She doesn’t need gimick because she has her amazing voice!

  44. Jenny

    Anyone that likes and follows GaGa deserves to be called “little monsters”. How S-T-U-P-I-D!!!! I laugh at you.

  45. iNoob

    Lady Gaga is such a trooper she doesn’t even respond to these nasty comments!! Face it Christina is LAME and always will be.

  46. Sheena M.

    Sweet! You hit every nail on the head. Lady Gaga, when she first came out was cool, but I also began to see through her. I think she is defiantly copying everyone else’s style, and trying to revamp it and claim it for herself. Kinda like the name Gaga, which came from Radio Gaga (I’m going to take a name that was given to me and not pay (he (ex) sued and won), because I’m really a closet kinda gal). You can throw tomatoes on my salad, but with pepper now we’re talking (people don’t get that it’s still a salad). Hence, why people are sheeple, ready to follow.

  47. Danny

    Gaga needs to be destroyied end off i dont understand how someone who ripps of loads of different artists can get away with it…

    She will never be Madonna so ef off bitch

  48. Xadax


  49. Hussein

    That’s funny, Gaga is FAR more original than Madonna, who’s looks were basically nothing but a slightly sluttier Marilyn and other countless Hollywood golden age actresses back in the day. And the music? I’ve never seen so much samples in an artist’s catalogue. Don’t get me wrong, I like many of her stuff, but she’s in no way original let alone more than Gaga. Let me put this way, give Gaga a piano and a mic and she’ll blow you away (look it up), give Madge a set of backup dancers and she’ll entertain you, THAT’s the difference, because I have a thing for singers who can actually SING!

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