There’s A “She Wolf” In Hot Chip’s Closet, Should We Let It Out?

Apr 14th, 2010 // 4 Comments

While we’ve thoroughly enjoyed the music video parodies of Shakira’s ode to lycanthropy, “She Wolf”, we felt it was high time someone stepped up to the challenge of covering her killer dance track. Thankfully, British electro-pop outfit Hot Chip has decided to try, and the result is howling fun. Hot Chip’s version has less of a disco feel, and actually sounds more reminiscent of the Pet Shop Boys. (That’s a good thing, obviously.) Check out the cover after the jump, complete with a few curious lyrical revisions and Hot Chip singer Alexis Taylor’s interpretation of Shakira’s howl. Awooooooooooh!

Hot Chip (you know from them from “Ready For The Floor” and “Over And Over”, hopefully) took a little bit of artistic license with Shakira’s title track, changing up the original lyrics to the chorus to “There’s a she wolf in the cupboard” instead of a closet. Perhaps Hot Chip’s she-wolf isn’t horny, just hungry? They also added a little “Message In A Bottle” touch partway through, switching the lyrics to “Sending out an S.O.S.”

[wpaudio url="" text="Hot Chip - She Wolf" dl="0"]

Could it be #1 with a (silver) bullet? Or is it destined to be fur-gotten? (Honestly, we could go all day).


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