Lady Gaga Performs “Telephone”, Reviews Fashion On Japan’s Music Station

Apr 16th, 2010 // 11 Comments

We could tell that Lady Gaga was going to enjoy Japan from the minute we saw that message scrawled on her arm, but we didn’t know she was going to put on such a show. During an visit to Music Station, Japan’s weekly music showcase program, Gaga walked her hosts through an exploration of her more unconventional fashion creations and staged a glittery performance of “Telephone”. (Watch for Gaga to pull out her all-black keyboard). All we can say, really, is domo arigato. And we mean it. Gaga storms Japan after the jump:

Here’s Gaga rocking “Telephone” (performance starts about the 2:00 mark):

And here’s the interview portion of Gaga’s visit to Music Station. Our Japanese is a little rusty, but it’s obvious that pretty much everyone in the studio is flipping out over her wild styles. Gaga reviews several of her more infamous sartorial choices with the hosts, and near the end, offers a shout-out to her Japanese little monsters: “In the most honest way that I can say, it’s my young Japanese fans that have the most incredible fashion sense, of anyone.” Awww.

  1. Damn Gaga kills it ALL the time

    -Art Decade

  2. Thanks,now I know this.
    i like fashion music very much.

  3. Thanks,now I know this.
    i like fashion music very much.

  4. here have few wigs of lady gaga

  5. Japan always give nice performance in fashion… good..

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  9. I adore Lady Gaga! She’s the best!

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