Taylor Swift Sings ‘Hot N Cold’ With Katy Perry, Proves She Can Share A Spotlight

At Taylor Swift’s concert in Los Angeles last night, the Staples Center crowd was treated to a surprise duet, with Katy Perry rising from beneath the stage to join Taylor on “Hot N Cold”. The last time we saw the “Fifteen” singer attempt to share a stage with another female artist was at the 2010 Grammys, and you know how that went. (Watch here). Swift not only had Stevie Nicks sing back up on “Rhiannon”, but sang off-key herself. This time there was no “technical issue”. Rock out to the concert clip after the jump. Is it just us, or does Taylor’s left arm seem to have a mind of it’s own when she’s “dancing”?

Of course, Taylor Swift stayed true to her squeaky clean image by changing up the lyrics in the first verse of Katy’s song from “bitch” to “chick”.

And here’s an alternate angle of Katy and Taylor for ya’ll.