Crystal Bowersox’s Twitter Reveals “Moments Of Doubt” Amid Report She Almost Quit ‘Idol’

Did American Idol just dodge a bullet, courtesy of Ryan Seacrest? In the wake of a TMZ report this morning that beloved Idol contestant (and by many accounts, the favorite to win it all) Crystal Bowersox nearly bolted the show two weeks ago, the dreadlocked singer-songwriter and single mother posted an unusually philosophical tweet, saying “we all have moments of doubt. As much as I miss my kid, the big picture is this: I’m doing this for him and my fans. I’m having the time of my life!” Can she hang on? And, perhaps more importantly, should she?

Crystal’s remarks come just a couple of hours after TMZ revealed that two weeks ago, she all but walked away of the show after becoming fed up with the competition and the massively (sometimes painfully) bright spotlight that it brings. In a parking lot after an Idol episode, Crystal reportedly told Seacrest that she “couldn’t handle the competition… she said she hated the attention and said to Seacrest, ‘What’s the point?’ according to TMZ. The singer, known as “Mama Sox” among the Idol crew, evidently told Seacrest she wanted to return to her home in Ohio.

Seacrest, according to the report, talked her off the ledge by telling her that her appearance on Idol was akin to starting a business, and that if she continued, she’d make a truckload of cash. Seacrest reportedly said, “The greatest thing I ever did was make enough money so I could buy my mom a house. You can buy your mom a house.”

There can be no doubt that, as Seacrest well knows, the Idol cash machine have a lot riding on Crystal continuing with the show, and the show’s producers are likely breathing a sigh of relief. Her decision to remain may feel somewhat bittersweet for other potential finalists like Siobhan Magnus, Michael Lynche, Casey James and Lee Dewyze.

Honestly, we’re not sure what to believe. Crystal’s tweet pretty much confirms that the thrust of this story is true. On the other hand, it’s awfully convenient for this little tale to spill into public just as people are criticizing Idol‘s enormously well-paid host for his oddball behavior, not the least of which was an out-of-the-blue reference to Brian Dunkleman.

But the bigger question for Crystal fans is, does she really belong on Idol? Her rootsy, Janis Joplin-style vocals have certainly helped her stand out, but is she well-suited to Idol‘s pop machinery? Now that America seems to voting wisely, maybe she should stick around to see what happens.

  • 1chrisford1

    It is sort of telling that the barrage of negativity judges have directed at their non-favorites has become so pervasive that it is even affecting the singer they avoid criticizing at all costs, even when she goofs up obviously. Crystal – who is finding the whole experience a real “downer” these days.
    This negative vibe is the 4 clowns at judge's table effectively communicating that they hate being there, are only there to be miserable because they are paid to be. And viewers are supposed to tune in? The atmosphere is oppressive. The joy and hope has been beaten from female contestant after contestant. Jackson just warms a seat these days and spouts vague comments in his caricature talk. Ellen knows nothing and has no credibility. Kara's antipathy for any female not-named-Crystal is palpible. Cowell then adds his “god I hate being here” act and demeans not just females but younger contestants for failing to be 27 and polished as his pet Lambert.

    So Bowersox is sick of it, too? What a surprise!
    The only one immune is the preening buffoon Big Mike who is so insulated by fat and swelling ego – he sucks in the judges cynical praise and just can't believe America doesn't love his phony schtick, his repulsive personality, and self indulgent music of a genre commercially dead for 20 years.

    The remaining contestants with talent and marketability (excepting Tim who apparantly got producers championing him against judges attempting to destroy him as a popular performer to young fans) are demoralized and discouraged. The Katie + Siobhan Magnus double standard especially sucks as they were ripped for stuff Big Mike, Lee, and Crystal as judges favorites and Tim as “producer's favorite” are not called on.
    Besides Siobhan being intimidated into self-doubt and underperforming, Lee and Casey have retreated into the “safe zones”. Aaron has so little confidence left he is “dead man walking”. Bowersox absorbs their being pummeled into misery. And Big Mike struts impervious to people seeing him as a caricature.

    And the departing band director has said that the energy and confidence and enthusiasm of contestants in rehersal drains away when they perform live for the judges.

    They don't need Abdul back. Been there, done that – and Paula while a badly missed positive force was also a trainwreck-in-waiting. But it might be best if Randy Jackson and Kara get walking papers and join Cowell going out the door. And several producers that stood by and let marketable talented contestants be bashed by judges who had picked favorites.

  • justa

    So the plan is to go back to playing bars in Toledo? Brilliant. Go back home dipshit. You know this season sucks when they have to bring Adam Lambert back to pump up ratings.

  • yessir

    Brilliantly said

  • marty

    crystal please dont quit I am 67 yrs old and I love you ….you are awesome and so down to earth, just think of the things you can do for your baby and other people like you, you go honey youm are one in a kind and good luck, you can do it

  • Sam Furfaro

    Do you guys think Lady Gaga is sexy?