Robyn’s First ‘Body Talk’ Single “Dancing On My Own” Is Full Of Disco Heartache

With three of Body Talk Pt. 1‘s album tracks now available at online digital retailers, Robyn’s actual upcoming single, “Dancing On My Own,” has finally surfaced. Vulture notes that the NRG-laden track “sort of sounds like ‘I Think We’re Alone Now,’ in a good way.” UPDATE: the song was produced by Patrik Berger, per Universal Sweden, not Kleerup as we’d noted yesterday. The official release date for “Dancing On My Own” is June 8, one week before the first edition of Body Talk drops. After the jump: hear “Dancing On My Own,” plus watch Robyn performing “Fembot” live on Swedish TV program Skavlan.

Ring the alarm-a! Here’s very scientifically-advanced hot mama Robyn performing “Fembot” on Saturday’s episode of Skavlan:

  • sheenabeaston

    this looks stunningly familiar

    cheers and #ugh

  • Robbie Daw

    Hey Sheena, actually the image was grabbed from here:

    …which I now see was a re-posting of your own post (so you might want to take that up with THEM.)

    The info about the single was taken from New York magazine's Vulture:

    And the Skavlan TV performance…well, that's all over YouTube.

    Will have to check your site out sometime, though. Seems charming.

  • sheenabeaston

    supersound is an aggregator that i've allowed to filter my posts in to their page, so yes in a not so direct way, that image did come from my earlier post. their post is my full piece.

    i hate causing a ruckus, a stir, or any issues because i really am, in fact, quite a nice kid. just been having way too many problems with poachers and such lately.

    that is all…thank you.

  • Robbie Daw

    Not a problem. Will just take your word on that 'nice kid' part and ignore those tweets, then.

  • sheenabeaston

    forget me then…you could have at least given credit to It's The Supersound for having the image of the single art, regardless of the fact that it was culled from my page

    you did it for the info from Vulture…forgive me for liking a certain thoroughness in my music reporting

  • Robbie Daw

    Well, it's already been way overstated here at this point. Moving on.

  • Sheena Beaston

    WOW … this post looks nearly identical to the one I had up way earlier this morning.

    Thanks for the compliment?