Ciara’s “Ride” Video: She’s Apparently Not Talking About Cars

Two Ciara videos in one week? We must have been extremely naughty. Luckily CiCi has curbed the aggro ways she displayed in her “Basic Instinct (U Got Me)” clip, and instead goes for a much more, uh, flexible approach in her music vid for “Ride,” which also features sexting expert Ludacris. So if you ever found yourself curious as to how much Ciara can bend, arch, bounce and spread, well then head below, thrill seekers!

Mmmm hm. Let’s see you pull some of those movies, Miss Keri! “Ride” was directed by Diane Martel, who also got behind the lens for Adam Lambert’s “Whataya Want From Me” and Britney Spears’ “3″ videos.

Aside from his own material, Luda has recently lent his magical raps to Justin Bieber’s “Baby” and Taio Cruz’s “Break Your Heart.” Will “Ride” experience the same chart action those hits did?

  • Mr. Middletown

    I don't know what to think of Ciara these days I still remember when she was bigger than Rihanna, boy how times change. I will say this is the first I think Ive ever seen her doing the “sexy” thing without looking totally awkward.

    Not sure if I'm sold on the song just yet but she did some interesting things with her voice here. She may have a hit on her hands.

  • Robbie Daw

    To your point, “Rude Boy” is a far more enjoyable sexed-up song.

  • James Winningham

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  • leighleigh

    i think she is trying a lil to hard. The song is okay, but the beat is nice.

  • Robbie Daw

    She does seem to have a chip on her shoulder with these past two videos, like she's trying to prove how sexxxy and how bad she can be. She needs to one, two step off and get back to fun.

  • just saying

    love the song…but the video?
    lmao ciara sweetie please go back to being yourself
    this is not you

  • Tboy

    sound like u hatin

  • shaylee

    i think she did better than rianna

  • HotHotHot

    Agreed, this clip is better viewed with the volume turned down (okay, way down). That said, she should teach every woman in the world how to move.

  • Ron

    If I were the ruler of the world, which, in a sick, twisted way, I am, I would bounce this track off the roof, bring it back down, and find someone to help this girl do it right. These are just some thoughts.

    First, a word about sex. In America, they dole out Viagra like candy, and lubricants as if it were cooking oil. What’s up with that? Did everybody forget how to get it on? The only chick I see with a clue is Ke$ha, and she be giving monsoon season a good name. Wet, indeed.

    Second, a word about sex. Does anybody remember Don Johnson in “A Boy and His Dog?” I do. Cool dog. Very thoughtful. Able to sniff out a woman from afar. But, Don, in the Underground, surrounded by beautiful women, who want to repopulate the world, ends up plugged into a milking machine. Bummer. Not my scene at all.

    Sex without love is onerous work, without pay. Done right, sexual love is fun and full of joy. Ciara has the capacity to do it right. I’d offer to help, but got no time. If you see, Ke$ha, or Rose, the stimulant of my desire, tell her I like my eggs sunny side up, with salt, pepper, and some natural hot sauce. (Just the way you cook them, Chicken.)

    Joy to you, Rose.

  • Shay

    i love the song and i love the way she dances…i dnt see anything wrong with the video

  • shonta

    no i strongly disagree with you you are just hatin on ciara… she is sooooo much better than rihanna and its sad dhat yall cant promote a real artist wen yall c her

  • shonta

    all yal out durr hatin on ciara needa get a fuckin life

  • NuHilton

    I Lovee the way she dances in this video iht shows a more grown up ciara, i even tried practicing Lol anyway she does dance way better then rihanna but hte song or video isn’t better then rihanna’s.

  • ReddGotti

    Ride is a Bomb Ass Video, For you guys saying “This isnt you honey” Come a lil correct You barely kniow her, Everyone changes up there style here and there. She’s mostly known for her moves, and she damn well showed them off in this video and “Work” Dont hate. were just seeing another side of her thats all

  • mari

    Rhianna who? For all yah booty shakin fake stars, here’s ciara showing yah how its really done. Go on girl, ride that thing, I’m sure ur makin everyone’s jaw drop, u sold me, good strategy! And for those of u who are hatin just take lessons, the video is for free!

  • anonymous

    Ciara is a entertainer her dancing is amazing not many dancers can pull that off focus being on the intricate choreography totally worked. why must you people be so closed minded the video conceptually fitted the song. The video is up there with Single Lady if not better.

  • ClaySticky

    For all of you talking greasy about how this is not Ciara and all the comparison to other artist, you must have not seen a whole lot of Ciara videos or performances. Ciara has alway done the sexy, seductive dancing thing. And this is not the first hard song she has had. I must say I thoroughly enjoyed the video for so many reasons. Some of yall are being opinionated which is fine, and some of you are just hating. Keep doing what you do Ciara.

  • lisa


  • cee cee

    I do think that ciara is tryin to hard. I mean i remember when her music was not based on hardcore sex and was more about the empowerment of women. I think she even stated once that she was the type to wait for marriage when it came down to having sex. However, based on this video, im not sure what she is trying to convey. But i have always been behind ciara and this video is okay but i felt it was missing something. We all know she can dance her ass off, way better than most celebs(sorry keri). I sing and dance myself but a great artist has to have more than just dance abilities to succeed. She should bring something different to her videos besides sexed up moves

  • amanda

    She killed it! Ciara is bad, and has always been bad. Everyone is entitled to switch up their style and again, but this song,like all her others has an ATL vibe to it, so it really wasn’t much of a switch anyway. The girl can move,so why hate? I certainly appreciate and wish I could do it like she can!!

  • Ken-Ken

    Yall hating…lol Ciara is bad!! Do your thing lady…I aint mad at yall.. And yes she is better than Rihanna…wth kinda comparison was that?? U kidding me??

  • Ken-Ken

    Thats what Im sayin!! I swear hate is the new thing…especially on the internet….lls

  • Duke

    Whole heap of hate going on ’round here! Dizzzzam. The girl is gorgeous! The video and the song is hot, and the girl can dance! Come on! What more do you want? The only negative side to this song is when it takes off it will be played in every strip club. Wait…Did I say “negative”? :o)

  • Duke

    LMFAO @ Cee Cee. You trippin. Did you just say…”I mean i remember when her music was not based on hardcore sex and was more about the empowerment of women.”

    Her first joint was “My Goodies”!! Even though she was talking about not giving those goodies up the friggin song was about sex….AND in the video she teased us with her dancing and gave us an idea about just how good them goodies might be. Fall back Cee Cee!…lol

  • cee cee

    for your information, the song “goodies” was about her not sexing everyone and she was telling guys dont even think of her that way. Big difference from this video. She might of did some sexy moves but her message was different than this. So duke, actually listen to the song and you might learn something

  • cee cee

    Im not hating on cee, i said it before that i have always liked her music. However, if i notice a difference in her music than i will say it. Yes the girl got banging moves but she has to bring something bigger cause their are many divas out their grabbing her r and b throne

  • eunique91

    YESSSSSSSSSSS! Ciara is back in da Game!!!!!! an I’m lovin the video girl, that was hot, and she snapped. Dam hatin ass people always got some shit to say. Yall gotta admit that CIARA is bad!

  • Don

    OMG…Go gurl!!…I watched this video since I seen it 1st time like 300 times…Ciara defently rocks and I love the song and video is something special…others can learn a lot from Ciara…

  • Jmatrix23

    Everyone needs to get off the Rihanna sympathy train…. Just because she got smacked around a couple times…. now everyone has to buy an album to show there support… Ciara has a better voice, dance moves, body … obviously, and is just a better all around talent…she is the next Janet Jackson…. sexy with a sultry voice…. stop H8IN

  • yall hating on ci-ci

    Why must y’all hate on Ciara? She killed this video and the song is hott, she’s known for her sexy dance moves so for those who claim she’s “trippin” or “trying too hard” need to get a clue this is what she does!!!!! Rhianna can’t compare as far as the dance thing goes and Im so glad Ciara is bck to reclaim her throne!!!! Go Ci-Ci…..

  • MRS. BIN08


  • kat

    I love Ciara, no one dances like her! She has inspired me to put down the soda and chips!!

  • lsg

    Ciara…U Bad! Copycats are scratching their heads wondering if they can repeat your moves….clearly u r physically fit 2 the max …. ; ) & as 4 BET banning your video, I can sorta see them only showing it in the late evening….. but after all these years of showing explicit videos, it’s a little bit late to suddenly have a conscience….haven’t they aired Omarion’s TOUCH video, The Dream’s FALSETTO video, all Trey Songz’s videos….. even Single Ladies is kinda DEEP….and the list goes on and on…plus u do redeem yourself by having the mechanical bull at the end….BET is trying 2 impress their sponsors…..put the Ride video on a DVD…..YOUR FANS WILL BUY IT CAUSE LIKE I SAID, GIRL…..U BAD!

  • Bettie

    When I first seen her video Ride I couldn’t stop playing it I loved it and like someone else said before if anyone is saying that they didn’t like it then they haven’t liked any of her videos because all are sexual go ahead girl witcha bad self do you and the hell with the public with there fony asses and as far as being better that Rihanna theres no comparison with her or Beyonce she dances better that both but don’t get me wrong those are my girls to I love both of them

  • http://youtube mrsblackthought

    If you are not from the A you really don’t know how to appreciate those moves. She was raised up and dirty south home grown and we girls from the A made the other cities tighten up on being able to call their businesses strip clubs. Its an Atlanta trade mark to be able to move like that! Others try but clearly can not duplicate. I see you Ciara making us proud!!!!!!!

  • des

    Ciara has skills, but there is no way in hell I want my daughter mimicking that. Everyone has to switch their style and censor what they want to for themselves as well as their kids. Other than that songs ok, video is umm skillful, but there isn’t that much air play here for it. That’s what counts, how many ppl hear like it and buy it.

  • Stacy

    Notice how the Ride video has only one dancer???….it takes a lot of dancing skill to be able to be that entertaining all by yourself…Rihanna can not even begin to do what Ciara has done in this video…Ciara is simply second to none when it comes to dancing provocatively and being captivating. Congratulations Ciara….you have a video that should make Beyonce a little nervous.

  • alexus

    yall some damn haters she killed it i tried that dance and its hard specially if ur stiff like me. let me see yu do somethin like that ppl yu cant pull that off like her. do ya thang girl i luv this song and you killed it.

  • morgan

    there is no comparison between Rihanna and Ciara! Rihanna CANNOT dance! Did u see that Rude Boy video????? What was she doing? Everybody cant dance like Ciara, im just tired of all these copy cats…especially Keri Hilson!

  • shemere

    any body dat a entertainer can move like dis because i can in my man loves da way i work it in bed lol………………..

  • keepnitreal

    I see haters, stick in the muds, bible thumpers, throw backs (who remember when), perverts, etc.. but none who actually looked at this video and saw past the sexual innuendos displayed by CiCi. I saw a lot of these same moves “attempted” by Alvin Ailey dancers so why are you all hatin’ on CiCi. This girl is bad. The industry is the industry. If CiCi wants to be bigger than life she will have to follow the plan, any one who doesn’t ends up like Michael Jackson (RIP). So let’s just go with what we got and give praise where praise is do. Fellas.. this video is bad. If I was a chick, I’d hate on it too. LOL!

  • Kim

    this song is sexier than rudeboy… ciara is the best female dancer to grace the screens… not the best singer but same with rihanna no wonder her ticket sales are getting low!

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  • Hmmm..

    Hmm…. okay so maybe Ciara is trying too hard to be sexy. Whatever. I think different; she’s got the moves down, attire, and the lyrics. The beat is def. one that can be played in the club, in the bedroom, riding in the car. etc.

    It’s just funny to me that someone gave Ke$ha some props for having a clue. Quite the opposite. She sounds like a whiny goat who’s been digitized by the corporate puppets of America. Do I like her still? Yes. Her music is catchy but far from the originality or talent that Ciara displays here. . and can you really see Ke$ha pulling off a video like this?

    …common now; You were comparing Ciara to a young teenage girl that likes to sit in trashcans and wear trashbags…

    thumbs up to Ciara for a racy but very sexy video and song.

  • Ciara is like a sister to me

    Ciara best female artist u can ev3r have so all yall hater hatin on ciara well stop because she turn out to be an artist n u didnt so shut the heel up and stop hatin ciara she way n i m3an wayyyy b3tt3r than yall haters.Haters ever where she goes i think ur hater haters where go.Like i said she is the female artist that u and u haters that can have ok.

    Keep doin wat u doin CiCi dont let these haters get in ur way ok

    UUUUUUUUUU RRRRRRRRRR THE BBBBBBEEEEEESSSSSSTTT N U R BLESS WAT U HAVE HAVE A GOOG B-DAY IN OCTOBER. LUV YA!!!!!!!$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

  • Ciara is like a sister to me

    C1ara is rich n u not just poor
    God bless Ciara and maybe ,maybe God might bless u with something special
    God dont like ugly he want to be bless and i know he will only one mighty god u ev3r know dont hate be bless CiCi keep doin wat u doin anit nothin wrong bein famous but make sure u bless other , friends , and family with provide and needs.


  • Ciara is like a sister to me



  • http://youtube brittney

    CIARA is a truly good singer but i bieliev the gratest sensation of all and when i say of all i mean of all and that sansation is………..JUSTIN BIEBER…………AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH.he’s soooooooooooo sexy and hot. i wish he was my boyfriend. better yet my husband………

  • ciara princess jones

    hey ciara u r my idle u r the best u do your own things and have the same name ine is ciara princess jones u should come to columbia and performe speechless and pretty girl swag u r the best and my mom looks like u a lot my sister imani ried loves u to me and here have every thing in common with u and we r from atlantic george
    that’s how it goes down in the A town and my cousin dashay is the boom she has her own step group and every thing she trying to be like u

    swager all day every day keep doing your thing ciara and could u give a shout out to dashay avery thanks lov ya