Now Christina Aguilera Loves “Risk Taker” Lady Gaga

Apr 21st, 2010 // 17 Comments

Maybe the longstanding claw-baring between Christina Aguilera and Lady Gaga is finally grinding to a halt. Xtina, who has an upcoming album to promote—and is therefore going to no doubt be inundated with repeated questions about the Gaga feud—did a seven-minute interview yesterday with Cindy and Ray of Atlanta’s Star 94 FM, and played down any nastiness between herself and Japan’s new favorite pop sensation.

Aguilera was asked if she thought Gaga ripped off her style (which is odd, since it was Christina who was accused of copying Lady Gaga’s look when she was promoting her greatest hits collection over a year ago).

“No rip-offs, we’re all inspired by different things,” the Bionic diva said. “I was artists that came before me. That was the whole point of my Back to Basics record, accumulating all of that. I love that there are newcomers. You know what I love about the new breed of newcomers is that they’re risk takers. They’re doing things that aren’t so safe.”

Alright, fair enough. At least she’s not confused as to whether Lady Gaga is a man or a woman anymore. (Remember this hot comment she made to the Los Angeles Times?: “I’m not quite sure who [Lady Gaga] is, to be honest. I don’t know if it is a man or a woman.”)

Christina also added, “I’m happy to see that people have come full-circle and are now accepting it and are into it and these girls have the guts to do it.”

Well, that sounds like an olive branch to us. Now if only Grace Jones (and about 10 other artists) could be so civil.

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  1. ellekstella

    Gaga has copied so many other artists. She pratically ripped off Roison Murphy every step of the way. Google her and see for yourself. Why don't you ever go after Gaga for that? Nothing she does is original. Do you forget how crazy and wild Christina was with her style and performances back in the Dirrty days? XTINA rode a motercycle on stage and climbed into a damn boxing rink during a Dirrty performance at the 2002 Europe Music Awards. She arrived at the Video Music Awards a year later in nothing but pink feathers. She later hosted the Europe Music Awards and at one point wore nothing but a cardboard cutout and some ribbon and not mention the spider-weaving see-through outfit! Christina was doing everything Gaga is doing style wise way back in her Stripped days. That is why the DJ asked her if the new comers are copying her theatrical style of the past. Christina said no and explained rather sweetly why she doesn't think so. How can anyone copy anyone when everything people like Christina and Gaga are doing has been done before by people like Madonna?

    Anyway, Christina's new single is blowing up in Japan!!! YAY! Her music video for Not Myself Tonight is set to premiere next week!!!

  2. dv

    I LOVE Christina!!!

  3. Tom

    Just one question; how many successful songs has Aguleira penned herself? At least Gaga herself is being “inspired” here and not her handlers, as is the case for Aguleira.

  4. emma97

    Yeah, except for the fact that anything Gaga penned on her own, and before handlers picked her up, was gimmick-free and had generic lyrics. Even though I like some of the older songs like her Wish You Were Here, I do think they are mediocre technically, lyrically, and vocally. (This is the end of my comment to you, but my next text is a commentary I hope you give some thought)

    She is easy to like because she makes transgression safe and brings people together as they can all share a common interest in the music, costumes, or interviews by her (haus and producers). Remember that musicians are told to claim more than their own work/inspiration. Pragmatically, do you think it is possible for her to be writing her third album, working for Polaroid, designing her outfits, making sure her performances keep changing, making appearances and putting on several concerts a week on top of traveling all with input of her own? Other artists certainly have a greater say in things that get their label on it, but we all just assume Gaga is god-like.

    Now, I don't like Aguilera much, but when I read comments defending Gaga because she is her own creator just lights me up. Look at her work before she was picked up, and Lady Starlight, Rob Fusari (pre-lawsuit), and former bandmates and colleagues have all said that she showed absolutely no interest in pop culture theory or artists. In fact, she refused to do a pop album until Red-One came along. Yet in that time, we all assume she's done all she's done and said all she's said without being manipulated by the industry. It is simple not feasible, yet it is savagely marketable.

    A good comparison would be to Ke$ha. Like Gaga, her debut is heavily focused on autotune, dance beats, partying. They put off a sexual vibe–Though their styles are different, yes– People hated Gaga at first. She couldn't sing, was just selling sex, etc.. And what was with that auto-tune speaking part in her songs? But now we consider that to be genius because we have been given so much to talk about from her. We grew accustomed to seeing her every day and when we didn't, we'd search for some new crazy outfit that we might have missed and we happened upon her videos from Tisch and witnessed her vocal training. We saw her identity as Stefani Germanotta vanish and now it is very hard to pin a cohesive idea to what Lady Gaga is (which is why she is so easy to love or hate).
    Ke$ha is in the same start. Though she has no training in music, she was very bright in high school with near perfect SAT scores. She wrote songs for other artists such as the Veronicas and Miley Cyrus (spare me here, just an example) and most of her own songs including her hits, except for that song about Styrofoam which complimented Britney but people thought it was insulting her because they didn't listen to it. I didn't like Ke$ha at first. Then I realized she wasn't serious, that a lot of her other songs are so extremely different from Tik Tok, that she isn't singing in her hits but rather trying out a mix of Beastie Boys meets valley girl rapspeak. Her $ sign put me off, but it was a joke about how she turned down being featured on Flo Rida's “Right Round” and thus didn't get paid for it. Then, the final selling point for me was hearing two songs by her, “Sunday Morning” and “Honky Tonk Song” by her and her brother Lagen. Her voice is very Alanis in the first, and just great in the second.

    I used to like Lady Gaga, but ironically, now I don't and I like Ke$ha. It's tough because the consensus is that Gaga is a God and that Ke$ha crawled out of a dumpster. But Gaga's claims of being a real artist and the fact that I find no cohesion or intelligent thought behind what she does (she couldn't explain her Telephone video well in any of the radio interviews she gave in Australia, simply saying it was a deep commentary on culture, but then lazily linked to her millions of fans on her Twitter to an intelligent discussion by Onlywordstoplaywith: She gave food for thought, but not much more), and she is more egocentric than fame-obsessed, such as when she responded to the student who was sent home from school for wearing an I heart Lady Gay Gay shirt by saying it reminded her of HER dedication and hardwork for her fans (what about the kid?) or how she's calling her upcoming album the anthem of our generation: The sad part is that it probably will be — People are so convinced that absolutely everything she does will be groundbreaking, inspiring must-haves before they've even heard it. Meanwhile, her thousands of “little” monsters go on believing she is liberating them to feel confident enough to think like, act like, and buy into her. I am all for fun pop music and great personality but the more she sprinkles her work with references to Hitchcock, Warhol, Abba, Quentin, and Marx (see her naked twitter picture with the red teacup where she relates political communism to Marxism, which was a show for attention without any knowledge to back it up because political communism is not truly compatible with Marxism). Though she's jumping on the equality bandwagon, she's thinking more consistently with popular ethics than with any critical though: In Telephone (video) she's stereotyping lesbians, transgenders, and transsexual women as all being masculine and overly sexual, and left the minority prisoners behind bars and in awe of the liberated white girls of the prison; obsessions with sex and sexual identity do not equate to equality or liberation but certainly the masses think she's making boundary-pushing strides while her label lines their pockets. The one good thing I still believe has come from her fame is the fact that, minus a few relentless haters, people don't have to feel beauty holds the key to success, which is quite phenomenal because she is quite vain, admittedly, herself.

    But otherwise, I see her trickling down, or her Haus and management team really, when it comes to intelligence or critical thought while the rest of culture wants to prevent any new (or returning, Xtina) artists from stepping back in. If you are so passionate about Lady Gaga's messages, good. It is good to be passionate about something when you think and feel it is good. But, as always, take it with a grain of salt. And should you not, if you appreciate Gaga's or any other artists that you like's claims to be open and loving rather than hateful, why should anyone knock down any artist who is earnestly trying?

    Again, I do dislike her now because I think she is playing off to be more thoughtful and creative than she really is, especially when it is the work of her crew or actually more degrading than it is helpful, but I'm not the kind of person who wants to reject something entirely because of that (especially not her as a person!). Just like it is wrong for someone to hate the efforts of someone else because they think it relates to Gaga, or because they think Lady Gaga is the best out there, I don't think it's right for someone to reject Lady Gaga because she is “different” or something of the like. If you just don't like her, or you think she should offer more because she DOES have vocal training, or you don't like the way her messages come off, then that is okay. As long as we are thinking in more than just black and white here.

  5. troller


    “before handlers picked her up, was gimmick-free and had generic lyrics”

    So what if she is using gimmicks. That alone does not take away anything from her. It’s a part of the business. If your saying that her gimmicks are what make her popular, I’d have to disagree. You don’t make the kind of impact she has had on the industry using gimmicks alone. Moreover, I don’t think you can call what she is doing gimmicks. Everything she does actually adds value to the final product that is Lady Gaga. Sure enough you can be a fan of music just based off of the music alone, but for some people presentation matters as well. Many fans of music want everything. The music, the performances, the interviews, the fashion, the story, the controversy..etc.

    So if her lyrics have changed, are they no longer generic? If they are better, couldn’t she have just improved? She still very young. Are you saying her “handlers” are involved in the writing process? Maybe. But all indications are that she writes for others and writes all of her own songs. It’s originally how she made a name for herself in the industry. Might she be influenced by others around her? Sure, but so what? That alone doesn’t say much.

    “I do think they are mediocre technically, lyrically, and vocally”

    Your entitled to your opinion and even if it was true, that song was written and performed before she became famous. She is still young and growing as an artist. Look at her now. The kind of impact she is making. You need to take into consideration how much she is doing at such a young age and how dedicated she is. Moreover, sometimes the best music doesn’t have to be so technically good and the best voice and lyrics won’t guarantee a great song.

    “Yet in that time, we all assume she’s done all she’s done..”

    That’s not true. Your assuming that people assume that. The reality is Gaga claims that she is involved a great deal in the entire product and her claim is backed by people in the industry all the time. That’s why you see some of the music greats (Elton John, Michael/Janet Jackson, Kiss, etc) praising her regularly. Akon recently stated that he practically does nothing but approve her work. In other words she brings the product to him and all he does most of the time is give it the thumbs up. She works with her producers and the Haus of Gaga. People she has met in the industry over time and that she likes to work with. There is nothing wrong with that. She also gives them credit in her interviews. What makes her outstanding is the fact that she has the talent to be involved in so many ways, is confident enough to pursue relentlessly and yet give credit where it’s due, whether that be crediting the people who have inspired her or who have worked with her.

  6. Farrah

    Um, Robbie, THERE WAS NEVER A FEUD IN THE FIRST PLACE!!! Christina never said anything derogatory about Gaga! Oh, was it the “I don't know if it's a man or a woman” comment? Yeah, well at that time Gaga still wasn't too widely known in the US, and Perez Hilton was attempting to drum up a feud by comparing Christina to Gaga and claiming Christina was ripping her off. So when someone asked Christina on her thoughts about the comparisons, she admitted to knowing nothing about Gaga, to the point that she didn't even know if Gaga was a male or female. And you gotta admit, Lady Gaga does sound like the name of a drag queen, or a gay male artist. I mean, just look at the band Queen for example. Without ever hearing one of their songs or knowing who they are, you would assume it's an all-girl band, or at least a female-fronted band. I'm pretty sure this was very often the case when they were a new brand new act making waves on the rock scene for the first time. I don't think the people that checked them out for the first time assuming they would hear and see a woman onstage were being petty by making that assumption, it's a natural mistake considering the name. Same for the band Cinderella, another all-male band with a feminine name. So stop trying to create drama where there is none. Your bias is so freakin' obvious that you actually make FOX News look fair and balanced by comparison.

  7. Farrah

    Very long, but very true. I would have more respect for Gaga if her transformation was solely of her own doing, but when I read that it wasn't, I was sorely disappointed. To me, that makes her just as manufactured as her counterparts.Yes, she does a lot of things her counterparts don't, she actually sings well and plays an instrument, she writes most of her songs. But she is still told what to do in order to be marketable. I really liked her when she first came out, but now I feel that she has lost what made her real and genuine. Is she playing the game and waiting until she has acquired enough success to really branch out artistically, or she pretty much just another industry pawn?

  8. emma97

    That is exactly what I'm wondering! I think it would be amazing to have an artist whose identity (aside from performance persona) doesn't necessarily have to be shocking to accompany messages in music. Because this new persona appeared as well as deeper interpretations of her music, I just find myself having to take it with a grain of salt when perhaps I would have found it more genuine and self-generated if she was saying and producing what she is now before she had a team backing her.
    It seems like that time should come soon. She's certainly past the point of needing publicity, but it seems pumping out a third album is priority right now instead of anything else. To me, it's looking, unfortunately, like Lady Gaga will continue following fame like any other superstar might, instead of climbing out above it. Whatever, I guess that's what happens when the people backing you know how much money they can line their pockets with if they push another Gaga album out. I wish she seemed to be more independent from her label, but more and more she just seems submissive to them. They want her to shock and scream her persona out because it is selling.

  9. JT Mark

    emma97: You’re saying A LOT

  10. JT Mark

    emma97: You make an interesting list of points that basically boil down to a single statement: you think Lady Gaga is fake.

    Instead of droning on with my own commentary, I'll just give you some direct quotes in reference to your points:

    Generic song-writing: “I have found that my work has to be both deep and shallow. All of my songs have meaning, all of my clothing has iconography buried into it. But by the same token, it's just as special if you look at it in its shallowest form. A quick moment of melody, a beautiful dress. People think, 'GaGa's so sweet', or 'GaGa sucks'. The point is that it's memorable.” – Lady Gaga

    The idea that Gaga is a persona: “The biggest misconception about me is I'm a character or a persona. That when the lights and cameras turn off, I turn into a pumpkin. It's simply not true. I make music and art and design all day long. Yes, I wash my face and go to sleep but when I wake up, I am always Lady Gaga. I don't appreciate when people call me Stefani, because if they don't know me, I feel like it's their way of acting like they do…they're completely ignoring my creative existence.” – Lady Gaga

    The notion that Gaga is Interscope's puppet: “She knows exactly what she's doing. She's very smart, she's not selling out, she's a great musician, she's a great singer, and she's laughing when she's doing it, the same way that I am.” – Marilyn Manson

    The disbelief regarding her songwriting abilities: “I write everything…I have an intrinsic sense of what it means to write a pop chorus. That's my job…my calling.” – Lady Gaga

    On the assumption that Gaga is God-like (which is actually just the hidden assumption that anyone human is incapable of handling that kind of workload): I am focused on the work. I am constantly creating. I am a busy girl. I live and breathe my work. I love what I do. I believe in the message. There’s no stopping…I don’t think it can be stopped. If my destiny is to lose my mind because of fame, then that’s my destiny. But my passion still means more than anything.” – Lady Gaga

    On the inept opinion that she doesn't really care about her fans: “When you’re in the public eye, you’re a role model whether you want to be or not, and I want to be. I’m not one of those self-obsessed artists who don’t care about their fans. It’s not just about the music. I look out into the O2 and there are 18,000 screaming young people and I have a responsibility to them — and you’re an idiot if you don’t know that.” – Lady Gaga (There are countless quotes in which she addresses her fans as the sole reason for her success and the main reason she continues to be inspired to create and work, but one listed here is enough. If you don't think she cares about her fans, you're being ignorant…period.)

    And lastly, to high-browed bashers who see fit to criticize others' talents while producing nothing of note themselves: “Some people didn't get it. Some people still don't get it, I read reviews sometimes and I'm like, 'Wow, that guy really doesn't f***ing like me.' Like, they really don't get it, but that's cool. I've always been delusionally ambitious to the point where people don't understand me. You've got to create some kind of stir. You've got to say something that's got to upset some people, and that's the risk-taking that makes music so fun.” (I would venture to say that many artists, including Christina Aguilera, who is an equally skilled performer with an incredible voice, would respect and agree with this statement.)

    My list of quotes really boils down to a single statement: Lady Gaga is a talented entertainer who has consistently demonstrated utter devotion to her fanbase as well as gratitude to the artists who have inspired her throughout her career, and she has worked extremely hard to get to where she is today.

    Oh, and attempting to verbally degrade the talent and efforts of someone you've never even met doesn't speak very highly of your personality, whether you're trying to be fair about it or not. :)

  11. Sknarvose

    I dont believe there was ever a feud between them I think the tabloids made it up 2 be one just how they did Britney and Christina I think their 2 of the best artists of this generation a lot in common but both are original and the real deal im glad theres no bad blood between them it would be nice if more people could stop bashing each other and start congradulating each other

  12. emma87

    But she doesn’t write everything.

    That’s exactly my point.
    She is TOLD to say that.

    I am well aware that she appears in credits, and well aware that she does write music.
    If you weren’t so quick to look for a black and white argument, you’d realize I wasn’t disregarding absolutely everything about her.

    But whatever rocks your boat.

  13. lori

    emma87 since you seem to be best friends with lady gaga, tell me how do you know she doesnt write everything?

    please inform us all how some mundane person on some site knows exactly what is going behind the scenes with Lady Gaga?

    i would like to hear this enlightening story.


    Are you being serious, come on now, Christina Aguilera never had her own style. She copied Britney Spears on her first album, who Gaga is a big fan of, Amy Lee from Evanescence on her Dirty Album, then went to the 40′s pinup look because that was in at the time, and now Lady Gaga because the whole Electro thing is in and Lady Gaga and Ke$ha are big right now. She was a huge fan of Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston until Mariah got mad that people were comparing her to Christina. Xtina also has a big ego and a big mouth. She dishes it out but can’t handle it, like when Eminem came at her. Oh and if you read about Gaga you would see she wrote songs for Pussycat dolls and Akon, Christina had the lead singer from 3 non blondes write beautiful. Why not have another album come out, thats her job, she’s not here to just walk around in crazy outfits, shes a performer, and talk about people behind you pushing for money, look at christina. The funniest thing is when christina put that song out super bitch, i felt like it was a kid trying to be cool because they said a bad word. Art is one thing, thats gaga, exploiting yourself is another- xtina

  15. Just saying what many people have noticed and stated before me, before Lady Gaga there was Xtina !!! or do you not remember that ? If anything our beloved Gaga copied Xtina. I love them both <3

  16. Such a pity that negative people are out there looking for a pound of flesh.

  17. Gigi

    It’s weird now that, it looks like Christina is copying Gaga. I remember when Gaga came out, people thought she was copying Christina (b/c of her hair). Christina didn’t even know who Gaga is I think. At this point, Gaga is more popular than Christina for sure. I like Gaga better as well.
    At this point, there is no original musicians/artists in this pop culture. Everybody is copying everybody from the past. It’s boring for sure, but what can you say? People LOVE that kind of stuff.
    In the end, as long as you like whoever it’s okay…

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