Ke$ha Has Enough Extra Tracks To Release A Whole New Album (Lucky Us)

Apr 22nd, 2010 // 6 Comments

So many extra Ke$ha tracks have surfaced in recent weeks, by this point the glitter wonder could release an entire album of B-sides: There’s the Britney Spears-bashing “Styrofoam,” the track “DUI” (sadly not based on real life experiences), and the song “Not My Problem” which is no one’s problem besides the sound mixer who was forced to work on it. (And let’s not forget her glorious cover of Radiohead’s “Creep” from back in middle school.)

None of these previously unreleased songs have made us wish they made it onto the face-painted pop singer’s debut album—until now. K$’s just-surfaced club dance jam “Boy Like You” is actually not a disappointment. Hallelujah! Listen below.

[wpaudio url="" text="Ke$ha - Boy Like You" dl="0"]

We actually like this one! It’s a miracle! This solid dance song seems like a finished product, as opposed to the demo track quality of some of the other extra tracks we’ve heard before. We’re not positive of the status of this song—whether it’s intended for an upcoming LP or if it was recorded during the sessions for Animal—but it’s an improvement over everything else we’ve heard that didn’t make the cut.

Between the 15 songs on Animal and all these extra tracks, may we suggest instead of a second Madonna episode, the Glee folks take on Ke$ha? Don’t tell us you wouldn’t want to hear Lea Michele belt out “Blah Blah Blah.” (Okay, maybe you really wouldn’t. But that doesn’t mean it still wouldn’t be more entertaining to watch than Ke$ha’s SNL appearance.)

  1. Ron

    I love “Boy Like You.” Reminds me of this couple I know. But, Becky, are you not forgetting several tracks, at least, which were leaked recently. If I did not know better, I would propose that Ke$ha seek professional help from a urologist, or gynecologist. Chick is wet. Things could be worse, or better, and soon will be. Alice had to swim for it, but that was because she shrank. Rose is no shrinking violet, so, I imagine, she may be swimming in leaked desires before she realizes it. (How did you know I love eating chocolate in public, Godiva?)

    Rose has publicly commented on many of her songs, but if you listen to her, carefully, it soon becomes apparent, that she is more evasive than any fox in the hunt. Of course, she does not seem to have considered the possibility that some dude would show up, as the horn sounded, on a winged horse. Who would have thought it? Besides me, I mean.

    From her perspective, I imagine, Ke$ha thinks the end game is near. If you see Rose, let her know Ron says, “Not a Chance.”

    Joy to you, Rose.

  2. Frank

    Well we kind of have heard Lea belt out “Blah, Blah, Blah” in a song she and the cast perfomed in SPring Awakening.

    Plus I'd rather heard a real talent a like Lea sing anything over KeSha.

  3. Hunter

    i got 15 of her unreleased songs and made a full album.
    Album Title: Ke$ha
    Tracklist: 1. (Fuck Him) He’s a DJ
    2. Styrofoam
    3. V.I.P
    4. This Love
    5.Who Do U Luv
    6.Want U Bad (feat. Travie McCoy)
    7.Ur Not My Daddy
    8.Red Lipstick
    10.Butterscotch 2.0
    12.Boy Like You
    13.Bad Dream
    14.Baby, It’s You
    if u want the album, please email

  4. NOYB

    she didn't write styrofoam and she said she has mad respect for britney. i like some of her other unreleased songs like butterscotch and WAY MORE SONGS

  5. Ron

    I admit it. I had a thought, and typed “penultimate.” If that thought had not changed, that would make this my ultimate, or last, post on Ke$ha. It is, of course, not my last post on Ke$ha. Anybody who imagines they can kiss me off with some weak reference to Lord Byron, should immediately unbunch her panties. It must be uncomfortable, I imagine, and the last thing I desire is for Rose to be uncomfortable, unless it is in a hot, sexy, and ultimately fulfilling way. (Feel better, now, most Slippery Savant?)

    I thought what I did because some young friends, who refer to Rose as “the Pirate Princess,” forced me into agreeing to a set of concessions, with their unanswerable arguments. I must be nice. I must be kind. I must not fire a broadside into her vessel in shark infested waters, let her begin to sink, and require that she sing the song I long to hear, before allowing her safe passage on my ship. In other words, I must be a good Pirate, because she is a good Pirate Princess. Some friends, eh?

    Even so, if y’all see Rose, tell her Ron says, “Rose will sing her love to him, willingly, and necessarily, because it is beautiful, and good, and true, and she knows it.”

    Joy to you, Rose.

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