Akon And RedOne Talk Lady Gaga’s Upcoming Album

Pop feuds, crazy cover versions and a slew of remixes—sure it’s all entertaining, but what Lady Gaga’s monsters really crave is new music from their patron pop saint. We’ve gotten little hints here and there about the material she’s recording for her third album, via tweets from producer Fernando Garibay and soundbites from Gaga herself. But now Akon, who signed her to his Kon Live label, and Gaga’s frequent collaborator RedOne have opened up about “bigger and better” new music. Catch what they had to say below!

First off, the extremely modest RedOne tried to play it cool with MTV when they asked about Gaga’s new material. “That you should wait for,” he said with a laugh. But he did offer this: “When it comes out, you’ll be like, ‘Oh my God, you know? … We kept what Gaga is.”

Gee, don’t give too much away, RedOne. Thankfully Akon was more forthcoming with VIBE.

“I’m flying out to Europe to work on some new records with her. Gaga’s just like me. She has a tour bus with a studio in it,” the horny lyricist said. “Some of the songs I’ve heard are going to be crazy. She’s getting bigger and better.”

Hmmm. So far we now know that Lady Gaga’s forthcoming jams are a) what Gaga is, b.) crazy, and c.) bigger and better. Anything else, Akon?

“All I’m doing at the end of the day is listening to the tracks Gaga has written and approving them for her album. She has producers that she works with outside of myself and they are coming up with some incredible records,” the “Nosy Neighbor” crooner tells VIBE. “But the beauty of it is she knows exactly what she wants. So it just makes it easier for me.”

Yeah—easier to collect that bank, he means.

  • emma97

    Of course Akon and RedOne are going to say it's awesome.
    1) They wrote it.
    2) They are producing it.
    2) They are going to make money off of it because I'm sure it will sell a million copies before anyone even listens to it.

    It would sell no matter what it sounds like, or who wrote it.

  • Necym

    I Don't Like Gaga New Music ! Britney and Christina Aguilera Are Much Better ! But It Would Be Nice If She releases Poker Face 2 , LoveGame 2 And Paparazzi 2 ! But Let's Stay Far From “Telephone” : What a Shocking Video !

  • Highlander77

    Akon and RedOne didn’t write it. Gaga writes her own music.

  • lapadite

    She writes and co-produces all her music you ignorant idiot.

    The nerve of some fking pathetic people..

  • Farrah

    Yes, but they write and produce WITH HER. So they still stand to profit more from whatever success that album has. In fact, producers make more money per song than the artist does. Especially if the producers in question are in high demand, which Akon and RedOne are.

  • ianaleah

    Lady Gaga is phenomenal.

  • lapadite

    Actually no. After she finished writing/cowriting The Fame in 07, she has fully written ALL of her follow up material on the road while on tour. She makes money from producing AND writing. And Akon is NOT in high demand LOL. He's actually in a very comfortable place, making money off having Gaga signed to his label.
    RedOne is just famous right now for working with Gaga really. But yeah of course they make their money when they are involved in half the production…

  • Alex

    that is true. both Akon and RedOne are amazing music idols. but they were elevated to newer levels of fame and wealth thanks to Lady Gaga. Thanks to her RedOne now has two #1′s to boast about and i bet he loves working with her because they have amazing musical chemistry. I mean he produced all her big hits and if she would have never met him he wouldnt be living life how he’s living it now. We should all be thankful for Lady Gaga. She’s amazingly talented and good at making music. cant wait for the album to drop gonna buy like 11 copies. lol

  • http://RyanMayberry.com Ryan Mayberry

    Akon has been quiet with the music lately. I really hope akon starts coming out with some songs and soon.

  • http://www.readwriteweb.com/cloud/2010/06/oxygen-a-desktop-network-conne.php Katie Meter

    Why do so many people hate Lady Gaga?

  • David Leffel

    You all need to start reading recording engineer’s magazines. None of these people Gaga, Madonna, Britney any of them write their own songs. These guys/producers do it all. You’re all lambs and morons. You believe what you read. R Kelly made all his writers sign over credit to him. The record biz never wants you to know that the performer is only the face of the music.

  • yonnie

    David Leffel is correct. No pop star, including Lady Gaga, actually “creates” her own tracks- the instrumental parts of the songs. For Lady Gaga, that duty mostly goes to RedOne. And RedOne also helps her write her own lyrics.

    Her producers make a track, they show it to Lady Gaga, and then she writes some lyrics for it or puts some old lyrics she has to the track. Repeat that process until you have a full album and there you go, theres your new platinum album.

    That is the overnight sensation, pop star routine. Its all about image, and they dont want the producers, the people who actually make most of the music, to be the image representing the music.