Who Did “Disgusting” Better—iCarly Or iKe$ha?

Apr 22nd, 2010 // 21 Comments

Miranda Cosgrove is readying her debut album Sparks Fly, and another track of the iCarly star has surfaced—the forlorn love song “Disgusting,” co-written (and recorded as a demo) by none other than everyone’s favorite laser harp player Ke$ha! Compare and contrast the two versions of “Disgusting” below and see if you find either version’s title to be more than appropriate.

Here’s Ke$ha:

[wpaudio url="http://idolator.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/04/kesha-disgusting.mp3" text="Ke$ha - Disgusting" dl="0"]

Here’s Miranda:

[wpaudio url="http://idolator.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/04/03-Disgusting.mp3" text="Miranda Cosgrove - Disgusting" dl="0"]

Okay, first of all, can we say what a bad title “Disgusting” is for a love song? It’s just a straight up horrible song title for a track that isn’t about getting freaky in an underground club or being treated badly by an a-hole lover.

But we digress. “Disgusting” is a little synth-pop track that sounds straight out of Debbie Gibson’s repertoire. (If you’re too young to know who 80s teen pop sensation Debbie Gibson is, here’s her Wiki, and thanks for making me feel old.) So who’s take on the yearning rock-lite track do we prefer? Although we think Cosgrove does a pretty solid job and showcases some strong vocals (aided by Auto-Tune, how Ke$ha of her), we think the “Tik Tok” gal’s gritty-and-grimy persona fits a song called “Disgusting” better than Miranda’s mostly squeaky-clean personality. Then again, this album might help the Nickelodeon star gain a bit of edge like her fellow teen pop star peer Demi Lovato has been able to do with her mostly rockin’ album and hip collaborations.

It’s interesting that Miranda took on a song first recorded as a demo by Ke$ha, since we compared Miranda’s song “Kissin’ U” to the similar sounding “Dancing With Tears In My Eyes” off of K$’s Animal. Is this the kind of pop star that Team Miranda is trying to morph the teen actress/singer into? If so, they’re going to need a whole lot more glitter and neon face paint.

  1. greg

    Too bad only one of the samples works.

  2. jj

    Ke$ha did it much much better, duh.

  3. James

    I have to say Cosgrove’s vocal is stronger. I like Miranda’s better but the other is still good.

  4. David

    There both cute though.

  5. Greg

    wow, I'm gonna have to say after listening to both I like Miranda's version a little better. And just so I can sound like a jackass like the person below: Duh.

  6. noyb

    KE$HA, duh. miranda's version sucked

  7. Know Way

    I dont know, ive listened to both many, many times, and I have to say they are both equal. At first, at the beginning of miranda’s version, I thought I would hate it, but once her vocal got a little stronger, it sounded great. Same thing happened with Kesha’s version, but I have to give Kesha the credit because she co-wrote the song, and it would be her’s anyway, not Miranda’s.

  8. nikonata

    HMMMMM….. i have to say, both are good, cuz the songs amazing! I think they are both equal… cuz they are soo similar :)

  9. youhavebeengagafied

    I love Ke$ha but I’m gonna have to say Miranda did it better <3

  10. okin

    definitely kesha, miranda’s definitely wasnt bad, but keshas voice is deeper and she was the original miranda didnt make hers original. i also have to say her range was limited in the song, “strong” was a little strong a word to use.

  11. Ron

    After a certain point, it does not make sense to try to order things. Is “two plus two” better than “three plus one,” or “four plus zero,” etc…? In my mind, I will always associate “Disgusting” with Ke$ha first, because the song was an essential element of my experience of coming to know, and to love, her.

    Respect to Doctor Luke, and joy, for everything you have done in the music way. Your work makes a real difference. Loved your collaboration with Ke$ha on Animal. Same with the song “Kissing U,” you wrote with Miranda and Claude Kelly, which is dope.

    Good album, Miranda. Joy. NYU is cool.

    (Rose, my apologies for any embarrassment I have caused, I mean, the idea of Ke$ha marrying John McCain is pretty cool, except he is already married, and “the Pirate Princess” can not do bigamy. You can say no, and I would respect that, because I respect you. Ron’s Fun Game, the game of Love, has no losers, Love, as long as you are able to keep playing. And you are a true Champion.)

    Joy to you, Rose.

  12. julie

    KE$HA DUH!!!!!!!!!!! hers was waaaaaaaaaay better!! miranda is way to sweet and high-pitched for this song i dont think she should have chose this song to sing i mean i dont know what she was thinking!

  13. Ke$Ha$ebert

    I totally agree! Ke$ha is original, and I’m pretty sure SHE wrote it, and she did a much better job, And I also think Miranda is not. Good at singing…AT ALL!
    Go KE$HA

  14. danielle


  15. Cassandra

    I think it’s lame how a lot of people don’t like Miranda just cause she’s off iCarly. lol. I personally love both the songs! But, i do think Miranda did much much better. The song is meant to be like a dumb romantic peppy song. And Ke$ha’s voice was too deep for it i think. Not so much fun and more serious. Only down-side i saw. But i will always love both the singers.

    Besides, do you put Punk Goes Pop songs down just cause they are screamo or hxc compared to their originals? Nahhh, it’s how life it. :] You cannot compare because everyone has different likes. That or just follow what they think is “popular”

    ALL IN ALL. :] Both Rock<3

  16. Bridget

    you guys are crazy, miranda’s was way better.
    miranda is a better singer, kesha sounds great but miranda’s voice isnt as scratchy and off tune

  17. You Don't Want To Know

    I gotta admit, Ke$ha’s version may be the original, but I LOVED Miranda’s more!! And the timpani(?) part, I didn’t hear it until now. Here’s my rating (out of 5):


    Intro: 4 (It sounded like a gay vocalizing, for me)
    Middle: 4 (It sounded nice, though the timpani part made it sound like thunder)
    Ending: 5 (Probably the winning chance against Miranda’s)


    Intro: 4 (Sounded like she just ran a mile of pavement with cracks)
    Middle: 5 (The chorus was great, but the bridge went crazily unrecognizable like Ke$ha’s)
    Ending: 5 (The fade-out was nice with “Look at what you do to me/It’s disgusting”; it kind of brings the meaning of the song, and was kinda with a more poppy ring to it)

    The winner: Miranda (4.6); narrow against Ke$ha’s (4.3)

  18. domenica

    i like miranda and her music, but that version wasnt good. i hated mirandas. ke$ha owned that song! ke$has was better.
    miranda: 5 ke$ha: 10

  19. Music Lover

    I personally think Ke$ha’s sounded better, seeing as her voice sounds somewhat good electronicized, compared to Miranda’s, who’s is complimented more with softer styles.


    miranda was better kesha is good but too much autotunes miranda too but not so much


    miranda was better kesha is good but too much autotuned miranda too but not so much ****

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