Green Day Take The Stage At ‘American Idiot’ Musical

Apr 23rd, 2010 // Comment

Green Day’s American Idiot musical has been the talk of Broadway since it opened at the St. James Theater this week—and it looks like Billie Joe Armstrong, Tre Cool and Mike Dirnt are all ready to make their stage debut. The band ended last night’s show by coming out and performing “American Idiot” and “Basket Case” to a crowd of totally hip theatregoers who went (understandably) effing nuts. Check out an awesome vid of the Bay Area boys taking over B’way with “Basket Case” below.

The band opened with “American Idiot,” and according to MTV, fans of the punk-rock trio stormed the stage from their seats. Green Day clearly must have surprised the cast as much as the audience, as the actors were happily snapping the mini-concert with their cell phone cameras while still on stage. One cast member even did a stage dive into the audience! (We hope he didn’t land on an uptight, huffy theatregoer who may not have known what he was getting into when buying tickets to American Idiot.)

Besides feeling immense jealousy that we weren’t there, we are a little worried that the acoustics of a Broadway theatre may not have been the greatest for an actual rock concert (despite how rockin’ the show is already). But we know Green Day could probably perform underwater and still give their audience a great show.

And on a related note, Green Day was so impressive during their stage debut, all three have now been cast in a revival of Showboat.


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