Demi Lovato Gets Into A Pillow Fight With We The Kings In “We’ll Be A Dream” Vid

Joe Jonas sweetheart Demi Lovato teamed up with We The Kings for the video “We’ll Be A Dream,” and we’re pretty sure this joyful clip was dreamed up by a teenager who loves TPing houses in his freetime. In the vid, two groups of youngin’s face off in a battle of the non-deadly weapons: pillows, water balloons, and chocolate syrup. Miraculously, the Disney star manages to survive the clip unscathed (although we bet some of you are disappointed Demi doesn’t get covered in chocolate). Watch “We’ll Be A Dream” below.

We The Kings feat. Demi Lovato – “We’ll Be A Dream”

The video was filmed at Elysian Park in Los Angeles on March 28th, and lest you think this doesn’t happen in real life, just a few days after this video was shot, LA was just one of the many cities to host World Pillow Fight Day. (See some wild-and-feathered footage of the massive pillow brawl below.) Maybe Demi and We The Kings should have waited a few more days and they could have upped the amount of extras in their vid by a few thousand people?