An Eight-Year-Old With A Ukulele Has Us Suddenly Digging Train’s “Hey Soul Sister”

Apr 23rd, 2010 // 1 Comment

With Train’s harmless lite FM jam “Hey Soul Sister” in no danger of disappearing from the charts or our consciousness anytime soon, naturally it was time for an eight-year-old chid packing a ukulele to perform of cover of the song at Hawaii’s Kokua Festival! (Hey, it could be worse—he could be bumping and grinding to “TiK ToK” like this wanton six-year-old minx or crawling around on the floor to “Bad Romance.”) Ah, kids—so young. So innocent. And often so much better at tackling pop songs than the original artists! Watch the kid with the uke take on Train below! [Via Walmart Soundcheck's Twitter]

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