The Morning Mix: Adam Lambert Goes G-A-Y Across The Pond

Did You Hear?

:: Adam Lambert puckers up at his gig at G-A-Y nightclub in London, and according to his makeup, it looks like he’s getting styling tips from make-out partner Ke$ha. [Just Jared]

:: M.I.A. might not be a big Lady Gaga fan, but the two artists do have something in common—a fondness for crazy stage costumes. Check out a photo montage of M.I.A.’s zaniest outfits. [MTV Buzzworthy]

:: Wanna know what’s on the First Lady’s iPod? Rihanna, Beyoncé and Michael Jackson. Okay, those artists are on pretty much everyone’s iPods, but it’s nice to know Michelle Obama is totally hip with today’s music scene. [Rap-Up]

:: The only way you can enjoy Five For Fighting’s “Superman (It Ain’t Easy)” song is if Conan O’Brien and Jim Carrey are singing it. Watch the two funny men duet during Conan’s LA stop of his national tour. [E! Online]

:: Jason Segel wrote a song for Russel Brand for his new comedy Get Him To The Greek. It’s called “Bangers, Beans and Mash” and you should be listening to it already. [Vulture]

Music On TV Today:

:: Late Show with David Letterman (CBS) – Tim Urban
:: Tonight Show with Jay Leno (NBC) – Melissa Etheridge
:: Late Night with Jimmy Fallon (NBC) – Gogol Bordello
:: Last Call with Carson Daly (NBC) – OKGo, Paolo Nutini (repeat)
:: Live with Regis and Kelly (ABC) – Broadway cast of American Idiot


  • LLB

    From the videos of that night that were posted with decent quality, you can see that once again Lambert's vocals were awesome… the guy always delivers, never disappoints – I love that about him. Also love the official Glaadmedia video of Lambert's “Fever” from the GLAAD Media awards last week – my favorite rendition, vocally, of “Fever” so far – absolutely LOVE how he sang it that night… and so damn sexy!

  • Dorena

    The For Your Entertainment performance from GMTV this morning was great. Best vocals on that song yet! :) Adam is just amazing live!! Saw him at Fantasy Springs in Indio, CA and he was just awesome. Can't wait for a live show to come near me again.

  • ally

    Styling tips from Kesha? LMAO. Way to work in a totally irrelevant name. Adam Lambert has been styling himself exotically for years. As if you didn't know there are hundreds of photos online from the past 10 years. Burning Man anyone? <eyeroll>

  • MK

    LOL Adam was dousing himself in glitter at Burning Man and Zodiac years ago while Kesha was still in Nashville attempting to become a country star with her brother:

    That okay Idolator, I forgive u for this regrettable lapse in Idol History 101, I <3 YOU, and IDEC what people say I still like Kesha. But not nearly as much as Adam, dayum did you see the vids from the UK morning show today? All presh in the interview and freakin fierce singing with his smokin dancers:

  • ianaleah

    I guess you missed Adam in “Hair” ,( he toured Europe in that play, then of course 'The Ten jCommandments” stage play (is on DVD too w Val Kilmer ) was routine stage makeup, but Adam's own brillant creativity in “The Zodiac Show” singing Walk Through Fire lays to rest he got his style from anyone else-these were all a few years before Kesha . Adam is brillantly creative in stage performance and song adaptation, stage makeup, etc -he has his own style growing up in theatre even as a child. Adam was born for superstardom with the kind of talent he has.

  • Britte

    Just Jared, talk about an off the wall comment, wha? Even you know Adam was fierce in his theatrical makeup way before he knew about K or Lady G.

  • voodoo

    Thanks for writing an article for Adam. You might just start know about Adam Lambert. He might have many styles and way the perform. The only consistent thing is he always does himself. He had done the stage performance for 10 years. makeup, singing, dancing, performing, 10 years hard struggling work. it is not the fast fame or getting lucky. He worked very hard even with his unbelievable talent and stunning look. Justin Beiber got discovered by youtube. Adam didn’t have that kind of luck. He earned everything by himself. Check out youtube. musical shows, citizen vein, upright carberet, american idol and then FYE. It is like a career forever. Without question, he is going to be an international star everywhere sooner than you could notice.

  • betcrml

    Could we please NOT put Justin Beiber and Adam Lambert in the same sentence!! I guess all the little girls need a heartthrob but geeeeeS!! NOTHING AGAINST JUSTIN but Adam can sing anything!!! Top ten song in 5 countries!!! and you can’t really blame the kid( Justin) for the way he has earned his fame but …… Adam earned it the hard way, has always had glitz and glitter and who are these people that try to say he is trying to be someone else?? Please!!! Adam is Adam, a beautiful, talented, unbelievable vocalist, in your face entertainer!!! Love you Adam.

  • Watch Get Him To The Greek

    “LOL Adam was dousing himself in glitter at Burning Man and Zodiac years ago while Kesha was still in Nashville attempting to become a country star with her brother:”