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  1. Just lihe you

  2. It is real not fake because if you look at the pictures today it still there…DUH:)

  3. Mi$$y

    Ok Yall Really Stupid, So If He Has A Tatt, Yall Donna Own Him, He Is Who He Is ! So STFU DAMMM !!!! <3 <3 -Mi$$y

  4. jade

    fake it looks like permonet maker drawn on him

  5. fran

    lol soooooo fake

  6. fran

    how do u like him????????? ewwwwwww

  7. james

    justin bieber=gay and has a fake tattoo mofo

  8. keisha

    he really does have a tatt because he said so get yall facts straight ask Justin beebs if u want to

  9. keisha

    he not gay some people think he sing like a girl keep your flunky opinion

  10. kim

    my daughter is a bieber fan and she showed me this. I have a tattoo of my own and it is a thick one and his looks the same but his is a bird and mine is a music note. His tattoo also could be marker or paint.

  11. kim

    it could be the thick tattoos but most likely marker

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