Whitney Houston Hopes You Will Always Love Her Despite Her Unfortunate Singing

Whitney Houston performed a concert at London’s o2 arena Sunday evening, and let’s just say Tim Urban hit more notes during his tenure on American Idol than Whitney did last night. If you’ve got a thing for car crashes, jump below to watch to footage of Whitney cracking and warbling through “I Will Always Love You.” 

These subpar performances are nothing new for the diva, who has struggled with live performances ever since initiating her comeback last year. This particular crowd doesn’t seem too dissatisfied with Whitney’s faltering voice—perhaps if you’re that huge a Whitney Houston fan, you are attending her show to just see her live in person than to hear an absolute perfect performance. In fact, the running commentary of the audience member filming the show makes the clip infinitely more enjoyable.  (“Nailed it!” “This is it, this is it!” “Go Whitney!”)

Sadly, we can’t agree that she “nailed it.” The years of trauma on Houston’s vocal chords (not to mention she’s still recovering from a respiratory infection) have utterly destroyed the singer’s gorgeous singing voice, so although we sympathize with Whitney, these performances are more embarrassing than entertaining.

At least we know Whitney isn’t in denial—she admitted that her singing isn’t what it used to be. “She don’t want to come, my soprano friend,” she told the crowd. “Sometimes the old girl says, ‘Not tonight. I’m not doing it.’ I want to do it, but she doesn’t want to. I’ve had long talks with her about it. Tonight she’s feeling a little [inaudible]…temperamental, even.”

With all due respect, it may be time for Whit to go on hiatus from live performances. Or at least book any one of these replacements to hit the high notes for her.