Kelly Clarkson Is Not Pleased About Her “Cleopatra” Demo Leak

A rough demo for a song called “Cleopatra” featuring Kelly Clarkson on vocals surfaced on YouTube today, and let’s just say the First Lady of American Idol is not happy about it. Birthday girl Kelly tweeted the following this afternoon: “‘Cleopatra’ is NOT a song on my next record! It was written for another artist! I have no idea how it leaked, it’s a rough demo, unfinished!” She also reserved choice words for whoever apparently did the leaking. Check out both the song and Kelly’s rant after the jump.

“I’m so tired of disrespecting, lying, sneaky little trolls that pretend to be human,” Kelly tweeted today, six minutes after clearing up whether “Cleopatra” was a new song or not. We assume she’s talking about whoever slipped the track onto the Internet—and it certainly wouldn’t be the first time she’s gone online to express her displeasure at someone.

At any rate, we figured “Cleopatra” wasn’t a song for Clarkson’s upcoming album. The Runners-produced track seemed a bit too hip hop leaning for the direction she’s gone in with her past two records. (Recently the Runners worked on tracks by Usher, Ludacris and Trey Songz.)

So, any ideas who the song might have been written for?

  • Don

    i rrly liked the song!

  • Wtf Kelly

    NewJams leaked the song, some producer apparently, but Kelly needs to realise that songs leak ALL the time. She isn’t a special snowflake. It happens to many artists.

  • bink_blank

    yeah but many artists are not as hands on with their material. they just sing and make suggestions. kelly actually writes and changes the productions. plus, this was a song meant for another artist, chances are it may not be used now since the unfinished demo was leaked meaning she’ll lose out an the opportunity to branch out as a song writer.

  • Robbie Daw

    Let’s hope Kelly keeps getting work after this — and that sneaky little trolls keep causing her to tweet like this. Because she at least makes for an interesting bite-sized read on a Tuesday afternoon.

  • Sean

    At one point Kelly was rumored to be doing a song for a soundtrack (Twilight, I think). The idea was scrapped. Maybe this song was intended for that soundtrack.

  • ryne

    poor kelly.. but i really like this song..i wonder who artist will record these song.. i thought it’s very hard to sing..LOL

  • Adam


    Naw, she didn’t say she recorded a song, she just said she wrote it. And that one did leak a while ago. It’s called “Empty as I Am” and you can find a live performance of it on YouTube.

    The KCExpress just posted the same recording of this song on a YouTube video and said it was actually a potential single for Beyonce on her next album. Can’t find any other source for this though.

  • Adam

    Sorry, that was meant to say @sean, not @ryan :-P

  • kelseyashley

    the song that was meant for twilight is empty as i am.
    i think that if she’s going to sing songs that are unreleased in her concerts, she should have them ready to be released soon. and she keeps working with shady people which sucks, like ryan tedder and the stuff that happened with “already gone” and “halo.” i didn’t like cleopatra personally, but thats because i knew it belonged to beyonce or someone like that, and i’m more of a fan of the slower songs like “sober.” kelly is my hero and always will be. i hope it works out for her.
    i really really really hope she releases some of the songs found on youtube like “Hand Me Downs,” “Empty Handed,” and “Poision Candy.”

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