Kris Allen Finds “The Truth” With Train’s Pat Monahan

Kris Allen’s song “The Truth” will be the Idol winner’s second single off his debut album, but it’s not the version you may be familiar with—the single remix of the song features Train frontman Pat Monahan (who co-wrote the track). Take the jump to discover which “Truth” you prefer.

Allen originally wasn’t too keen on including “The Truth” on his album since he didn’t write it. “I thought it was really good, [but] for me, it was just stubbornness and wanting to write everything,” Allen told MTV back in November. Take a listen to the Monahan-updated version of the song below:

[wpaudio url="" text="Kris Allen feat. Pat Monahan - The Truth" dl="0"]

Although it does make some sense for Monahan to be featured on this track more than another artist since he did co-write it (along with songwriter Toby Gad), both Kris and Pat have such a similar singing voices, we barely could tell when Allen stopped singing and Monahan took over for the bridge. MJ over at her Big Blog raises a good point—this collaboration comes off as a ploy from Jive to get more people listening to Allen, since Train currently has a giant hit with “Hey, Soul Sister.” And how many more album sales could this pair-up potentially inspire since this version isn’t on Kris’ LP?

The bigger question is, why is this track (which, on first listen, made us feel like “taking a nap” and thought it could be improved upon seeing “Kris Allen’s dimples singing it live”) the next single instead of the infectious “Alright With Me”? If it’s good enough to be in a Ford ad incessantly played during American Idol commercial breaks, it’s good enough to be a single.

  • Dee

    Why do you people have to use to oldest pics of Kris that you can find? If you were putting up the runner up’s picture, it would be from a photo shoot. Can you not find a recent picture? It’s not that hard, but I’d be happy to help. Just shoot me an email.

  • moonriverguy

    Becky, what all the bullshit.

  • Mun

    ‘both Kris and Pat have such a similar singing voices, we barely could tell when Allen stopped singing and Monahan took over for the bridge’… are u serious? They both have different voice. Its so obvious. Kris sounded way better than pat on the bridge..

  • wm

    Why did they do this! It makes absolutely NO sense! They should have left the song the way it was with Kris singing solo. Better yet, why not release a song that Kris wrote or co-wrote. This is utter b.s. in my opinion. Not that the song is bad or anything but let Kris release a song he had a hand in writing! Hello… he wrote/co-wrote 9 tracks on the album and the 1st two releases he had no hand in writing???

  • wm

    Kris has a much better voice then Pat!

  • Lorie

    Unfortunately, this song shows off Pat Monahan’s vocal more than Kris’.

  • jmk

    I’m not sure why anyone would refer to that song as a sleeper. It is absolutely beautiful!
    Kris does an amazing job. I think that Pat Monahan just jumping in on the song like ruins it. Why Why Why did they do it. I hope Kris doesn’t take the heat for it.

    Kris is Awesome, he has good instincts – Trust Him.

  • Bree

    I think Pat is a little bit better!