Shakira Plays Harmonica, Keeps Hip-Shaking To A Minimum On ‘Ellen’

Shakira unleashed her inner folk singer by whipping out her harmonica during her performance of her single “Gypsy” on The Ellen DeGeneres Show this morning—sadly, she left her music video hottie Rafael Nadal back on the tennis court. Don’t be too upset, the Colombian-born singer still gives a rave-worthy performance. Catch it below. Shakira – “Gypsy”

Shakira is as enjoyable to watch as ever, but it would have been even more entertaining to perform a Hot Chip cover so she could return the compliment, no?

The singer’s FIFA World Cup theme, “Waka Waka (This Time For Africa)” debuted today, and you can listen to the wild and boisterous track exclusively over at PopEater and download it on May 11.

Shakira will be performing the song during the closing ceremony of the World Cup Final on July 11, but even more exciting, the single’s video will be presented in 3D. The future is now, folks! It’s only a matter of time before this very music blog is presented in 3D. It’s like these words we’re typing are right in front of your face!