Hear Adam Lambert’s UK Bonus Track “Can’t Let You Go”

On May 3, Adam Lambert’s For Your Entertainment will get its official UK release. And sorry Yanks—the Brits are getting the bonus ballad “Can’t Let You Go” tacked onto their version of the album. It truly is a loss, because the song is a slow-burning firecracker that starts with verses that build into a wailing, soaring chorus. Glambert’s vocal chords are stretched to their glittery limits here (although we’d venture to guess he can probably shriek higher if he wanted to). Have a listen to the haunting “Can’t Let You Go” after the jump!

[wpaudio url="http://idolator.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/04/adam-lambert-cant-let-you-go.mp3" text="Adam Lambert - Can't Let You Go"]

Since his defiant GLAAD Media Awards performance, Adam has hustled to finish off a few promo shows—such as a gig at London’s G-A-Y club—ahead of his album’s drop date. Last week the stops for Lambert’s upcoming Glam Nation tour, which also boasts Orianthi and Allison Iraheta on the roster, were announced as well.

Geez—what have the Glambertzons done to deserve this much goodness from their favorite pouty singer?

  • arkangel

    So, so good. Wonder when this one will be released on iTunes?

    • Robbie Daw

      Agree, Arkangel. I could even see this as a soundtrack song/movie theme.

  • Bill Mitchell

    Is it just me or are the instrumentals way to loud during the chorus?

  • Bill Mitchell

    The scary part is that it doesn’t seem when watching Adam that it is even hard for him to sing like that. His vocal chords must be made of kevlar infused titanium.

  • jl

    That was freakin’ impressive! Did he just sing the words while changing the notes at that very high part?!!!

  • StuM

    This man is an amazing vocalist. Terrific song.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Smith-Kingston/1286735056 Smith Kingston

    My headphone’s aren’t working…is it better than Voodoo? Voodoo should be a single.

  • Lorilee

    Instruments are too loud on the chorus, I agree Bill M. Hard to hear the words. Wish they would REMIX.
    Otherwise, great song, great voice.

  • terie

    Absolutely FANTASTIC!! Have this on replay ALL day … can’t stop listening. So glad I pre-ordered the UK version of FYE with the rest of the bonud tracks .. DTRH .. MASTER PLAN … VOODOO … CAN’T LET YOU GO!! Just these four tracks make this the best FYE album from ADAM … IMO … can’t wait for March 3rd!! BRAVO!!! ADAM!!! INCOMPARABLE VOCALS!! LOVE IT & YOU!!!

  • puffyl

    I love his high notes! Great vocal always! Melt me and cry me out, yeah feel like the music/instruments try to do the same thing that makes me feel sadder. I can’t make further comments cos I always think listening to songs from a tv or CD/DVD player always get a even better result:)

  • http://idolater diane

    Incredibly gifted, each song is different and unique just can get enough of his talent the best that I ‘ve heard in my life- time and I’m over 55 they emotions that is in this young men run very deep may he have the capacity to with- stand this incredibly journey . Will be attending his concerts

  • JMB

    We’ve been through this before with songs that have been leaked or uploaded on internet or whatever – just get the CD, the mix will be better, you’ll see.

  • mad4adam

    This brought tears to my eyes. For all those lovely people who have come in to my life and are now gone – one or two I still can’t let go of entirely. Adam just pulls out all the emotion and longing of not being able to let go right out of the song – masterful singing. I hope you sing this on tour this summer. I’ve got my tickets!

  • Tom

    The song is good but it could be great if they can remix it. The music is drowning out Adam’s incredible vocals. Let’s up the people in control already know this and are tweeking the song as we speak. It really has potential to be a great song. Way to go Adam.

  • Keedy

    I just love this song!! When I listen to this song it litteraly takes my breath away. I just let everything in the world fade away when I listen to Adam sing. This song in particular is so passionate and beatiful. Could any human be more perfect!!!

  • ianaleah

    Terrific song.I want to be able to download it.

  • Kiki1985

    I LOVE THIS!!! I think this might be my favorite song of his!! Hope this is coming to I-tunes soon, and the radio!! Amazing!!




  • Tay Yuyang

    I don’t really like this bonus track. Too noisy :( “Down The Rabbit Hole”, “No Boundaries” on the Japanese edition of FYE, and “Master Plan” are better.