The Killers’ Brandon Flowers Preparing Release Of Solo Album ‘Flamingo’

With The Killers on hiatus, frontman Brandon Flowers is embarking on a solo career. A visit to the Las Vegas band’s official site reveals a landing page with Flowers’ names in casino lights against the Sin City skyline, with the announcement that his solo album Flamingo is “coming soon.” Consider us both excited and wistfully crying out our eyeliner as we remember the Killers’ days of yore. Read on below!

The band’s site also plays a short, mournful sound clip of a mid-tempo synth tune, with Flowers crooning “hah-ah-ah-ah-ah” in falsetto over top. No release date has been made known yet, but there’s an area to sign up for email updates on Flamingo.

In the meantime, NME reports that Killers drummer Ronnie Vannucci is releasing an album with members of Mumford and Sons, Keane and Noah And The Whale, under the name Mt. Desolation. The official blog of the side project lists the super group as an alt country band.