Today In ‘Idol’: Siobhan Magnus Still Wants To Scream For You

:: So long, Siobhan. We hope you find a home and a successful career in the great world of pop-culture and beyond. At least we’re pretty sure you won’t be going back to the glassblowing business (although we’d totally buy a glass blown by you). [Idolator]

:: Siobhan wants to perform for “anyone who wants to hear me scream.” Funny enough, Shiv learned how to nail her scream by singing a Kelly Clarkson song in the shower. [MJs Big Blog]

:: So why did America fall out of love with Siobhan Magnus? Could it be that she stopped showing how crazy she could be by choosing generic, boring songs to perform? [Idol Tracker]

:: Simon Cowell is one of Time’s 100 Most Influential People, and his essay is written by a very adoring Nick Cannon. Do we get the feeling that a particular America’s Got Talent host is vying for Simon’s soon-to-be-vanquished spot at the judge’s table? Join the club, Nick. [Time]

:: Ousted-before-their-time contestants Katelyn Epperly and Lilly Scott will perform together at a dueling piano bar in Des Moines on May 5. Maybe Siobhan can join them for an encore? [Zap 2 It]

:: Adam Lambert was asked about being called “the male Lady Gaga” by a German interviewer, and then was dubbed “the male Adam Lambert” to make up for it. We can’t stop giggling. Watch the highly entertaining clips below, including an acoustic performance of “Whataya Want From Me.”