Spoiler Alerts For Lady Gaga’s Pricey ‘American Idol’ Performance

Apr 29th, 2010 // 5 Comments

Lady Gaga sounds as pumped up for her upcoming appearance on American Idol next week as she is for scoring the cover of TIME—although her excitement could have something to do with the amount of money she may have received for her May 5 performance. Find details from the pop star’s three-hour rehearsal for her Idol gig below.

According to OK! magazine, Gaga demanded $250,000 to appear on show, a figure that producers balked at paying. “They thought it was just crazy she was asking for so much money,” says a source. “It was just too much money to pay talent for a performance.”

Either Lady Gaga lowered her asking price, or Fox producers realized Gaga’s appearance on the show was worth the hefty price tag, because Ms. Germanotta will indeed be performing “Bad Romance” and her new single “Alejandro” on the May 5 episode of Idol.

So how is she going to top her z-z-z-zipper face, z-z-zipper face from her previous Idol performance (which came just last year, during Season 8)? Gaga is reportedly wearing a black thong and and a black fishnet bodysuit, and standard-issue ridiculous footwear. Much like she did during “Paparazzi” at last year’s VMAs, Gaga apparently plans to incorporate blood into her performance, with “razor blade benches dripping in blood along the stage,” according to the magazine’s sources.

But blood is just the icing on the cake. (Ed. note: ew. Sorry for that imagery.) There will also be “homoerotic male dancers supporting her throughout the number” and “an angel that expels fire on a mirrored platform will hold court on stage, as well as black thorn-like trees with black poison ivy.” Basically, fun for the whole family! Make sure that if your kids are asleep, you wake them up to catch Gaga commiting suicide/groping herself/setting herself on fire/other-psychotic-stuff-Gaga-has-done-on-national-TV-without-getting-fined-by-the-FCC.

It’s only too bad Gaga won’t be covering an Ol’ Blue Eyes during Frank Sinatra theme week. You know she’d hit us with a killer version of “Mack the Knife.”


  1. Farrah

    $250, 000? Is it customary for celebrities to DEMAND a fee for appearing on AI? If not, then I guess “The Fame” is really going to Gaga’s head. And why reprise her “bloody” performance? This time around it won’t look cool, it will just look creepy and sad.

  2. ianaleah

    Consider how many people who don’t give a hoot who will ‘win’ this season will tune in to see Lady Gaga. Pay her.

  3. MB

    Totally hope these details about the performance are true. Hey all you conservative religious right wingers – now you have a head’s up and some extra time to get your complaints all ready to go!! Well, maybe this time they’ll actually have a valid point due to the venue and time slot… as opposed to complaining about something on a program that any parent worth their salt should know is historically and traditionally host to racy and risque performances. I’m not loving the singing contest on Idol this year, but the guest appearances have been interesting – and bold. Diddy had some less than subtle moves behind back up dancers a few weeks back, Kesha’s song was cleaned up but not exactly family friendly, Rihanna’s show wasn’t exactly ice cream and applie pie… and for all of that I say – RIGHT ON. But if these details about Gaga’s performance are true – oh lawdy, watch out media outlets – cuz, in all fairness, there is a huge under 14 audience for Idol… should be interesting to see if a double standard rears it’s head or not. I’ll be watching, and that’s about the only reason why!

  4. Mr. Middletown

    Considering I watched the VMA’s live the night it came on and witnessed the bloody mess she preformed I remember the audience not exactly being thrilled when the blood appeared regardless of MTV’s obnoxious edits to make it seem the contrary.

    Another thing, Bad Romance? Really? Why is she still performing that Ive honestly never seen that song performed well once why isn’t she doing Telephone? I foresee another over hyped lack luster performance relying too much on gimmicks to sell the entire package.


    I can’t wait ti see Lady Ga Ga on Idol, this should be an interesting week.

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