Today In ‘Idol’: Shania Twain Makes Us Feel Like Watching Something Else

Apr 30th, 2010 // 3 Comments

:: Still the one? Maybe not. Tuesday’s show, built around the songs of Shania Twain, drew 19.4 million viewers, the smallest audience for a performance show since way back in March 2003. And the normal late-season “bounce” has yet to kick in. You really have to love Simon’s sense of timing, huh? [LA Times]

:: Before she became the Season 9 frontrunner with “moments of doubt”, Crystal Bowersox loved Melissa Etheridge — in a recent iheartradio appearance, Etheridge remembers signing Crystal’s guitar. [iheartradio/YouTube]

:: Kris Allen, Danny Gokey and our pal Kim Caldwell will appear on shopping channel QVC starting May 6 to help market a truckload of American Idol branded merchandise. We’d like to order one piece from every outfit Kara DioGuardi has worn this season — to prove she really wore them. [MJs Big Blog]

:: Siobhan Magnus tells Ellen how she’s coping with her exit from Idol, and plays herself out with a scream-free “House Of The Rising Sun”. [Idolator]


  1. jen

    HOw stupid. The ratings have nothing to do with who is mentor or performing.

    Shania was guest judge in January and her appearance increased ratings 33% on the same episode as compared to last year. Why didn’t you say Shania increased ratingss then.

    The truth is that idols ratings have been down all year nomatter who is on or not on.
    YOu must be really dumb to think the low ratings have to do with Shania lol!!!
    Yea lets blame the lame dull idol show and its decreased ratings on the fact Shania showed up lol!!

  2. catro

    I couldn’t agree more. Shania is not the reason for AI’s ratings. Her albums are topping the itunes and amazon charts.

  3. Jennifer C

    Ratings are more a function of:
    1. Unrelenting negative vibe from judges. Even Seacrest is nasty. Ellen was brought in to be positive, and is, but has scant credibility as a music critic. Jackson is phoning it in. And Kara is an awful judge – a less-brains Simon wannabe that is just nasty to be nasty and times and transparently biased on contestants. Maybe Abdul had to go, but what was left when she left is negativity.
    2. A boring and predictable Top 10 with the exception of Benami, Tim, and Siobhan Magnus. Now all gone.
    3. Just 4 in Top 10 you could call good-looking. 3 gone, just Casey is left…and he doesn’t exactly bring personality like Tim and Siobhan did.
    4. Just stale. Same old jokes and repartee.

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