Today In ‘Idol’: Jordin Sparks Heads To Broadway, Siobhan Covers Beyoncé

:: More Idols head to Broadway—Jordin Sparks will appear in Tony-winning musical In The Heights for a 12-week run. Why doesn’t American Idol just tape in New York so contestants can go straight from the show directly into a Broadway theatre? [Just Jared]

:: Do you want Lee DeWyze to be your next American Idol? Take a listen to his pre-Idol tunes and judge whether or not Lee’s got the chutzpah to be a successful recording artist. (He does a Marilyn Manson cover, which would be perfect for a Goth/Metal theme week.) [Top Idol]

:: Siobhan Magnus was planning on singing the Sid Vicious version of Frank Sinatra’s “My Way” for this week’s Sinatra theme. Whether she killed or got killed, it would have been one incredibly entertaining performance. [Idol Tracker]

:: After the jump, watch Siobhan play piano while performing Beyoncé’s “Halo” in the If I Can Dream house. (Why didn’t they have a Beyoncé-theme week when Siobhan was on the show? So many missed opportunities.)

  • Jennifer C

    What a shame with respect to Siobhan and her time on Idol being cut short. I think she made some mistakes in showing too many singing styles and fashion looks, but most of it I put on judges and producers not wanting to advance a person so many saw as possible “top Idol contestant” who not only entertained and was interesting, but may indeed have a big future. Instead picking 3 favorites (Big Mike, Crystal, Lee) and seeking to get rid of ‘rivals’ to them ASAP.

    Siobhan leaves, and new layers to her emerge. Was scholarship wait listed at the prestigious Berklee College of Music for piano and vocalist training. Cut most of her hair off in HS for donation to making wigs for cancer victims after a classmate and friend got cancer. We find she gives intelligent, thoughtful interviews and does so with charm. Word of just how well she has done in studio recording came out.

    I guess the problem is Idol just isn’t as entertaining now Magnus is gone. I know what the other 5 will do. What you see and what you’ve heard (maybe a slight exception for Casey) is what you are likely to get in the next 4 shows. When she said she was bummed that she missed Frank Sinatra week and mentioned “My Way” I thought it was a horrible, even presumptuous choice. Then the interviewer said Siobhan was going to use the Sid Vicious version as a starting point. THAT would have been – good or bad – entertaining to say the least , and something Middle America got their pulses pounding about!

    Now I just don’t see a reason to watch Idol.

  • selena

    If Siobhan was serious about doing a spin on Sid Vicious’s “My Way” version – you could see “family-friendly” Idol execs having heart attacks on how THAT could be cleaned up. Or thinking “we gotta get rid of her after the Shania Twain elimination contest!”.
    Maybe it was to be “in the punk spirit” but without the Sex Pistol lyrics.

    Agree that it’s hard to see how watching Idol w/o Siobhan – is worth it. Interesting tidbits about college (I wondered several times why she didn’t go) and why she had a mohawk after HS graduation.