“Iamamiwhoami” Freaks Us Out With Another Video

“Iamamiwhoami,” the female artist who refuses to reveal her most-likely-figured-out-identity, has released another creepy-as-hell video. Whether or not you’re still captivated by the mystery of who this woman is, why she decided to create a viral enigma to promote her music and why she just won’t come out with it already, these songs and videos are still beautifully constructed (even if they give us nightmares). Watch below.

Iamamiwhoami – “U-1”

Oh my god! She was a puppet all along! Twist!

If you’re keeping track, the last three videos from the artist have been “B,” “O,” and now “U-1,” which could stand for “You Won,” or perhaps the letter “T,” or maybe it stands for absolutely nothing.

Since the actual artist probably won’t be revealing her identity anytime soon, it’s not too late for Christina Aguilera to take credit for these experimental songs and videos, which everybody originally assumed she had a hand in making. We can’t believe we’re saying this, but we’d prefer to see Christina licking sap off a tree and swirling around in mud than pretty much anything she did in the “Not Myself Tonight” clip.