Popping Up: Millionaires

Popping Up is our recurring look at new artists making noise on the music landscape. Because, hey, Madonna and Britney were once unknown, too.

“Do you think you could survive a game of spin the bottle with us?” California trio Millionaires ask in their latest blog post. Several gents take up the proposition in the girls’ video for new single “Stay The Night”—a naughty affair where the boys who are lucky(?) enough to score with the ladies must suffer the indignity of having their photo snapped while they attempt a quiet walk of shame the next morning.

“If you’re having a good time and you’re drunk and wasted, you will understand our music,” Millionaires member Melissa Green recently told The Sun. “If you’re at church, don’t listen to it.” And while the group has been around for a hot minute, they’ve certainly come a long way since last year, and we just couldn’t resist taking a deeper look at what makes these bad girls tick.

MillionairesMILLIONAIRES ARE: Sisters Melissa Marie Green and Allison Green, and their pal Dani Artaud. They’re all 21.

HOMETOWN: Huntington Beach, California

HUMBLE BEGINNINGS: As noted on their MySpace, Melissa Marie and Allison “started fucking around” on GarageBand in the summer of 2007 and made their first song “I Like Money.”

THEIR BIG BREAK: Getting asked to perform on MTV’s TRL, just before the show went off the air in 2008.

THEIR BIGGER BREAK: Concocting the theme songs for Teen Cribs and A Double Shot At Love.

INTERNET POPULARITY: Their song “Just Got Paid, Let’s Get Laid” is nearing four-and-a-half million plays on MySpace.

Ke$haON BEING COMPARED TO KE$HA: “She is such a fake. She is not real. She’s signed to people who tell her how to act. That’s what makes us upset,” Melissa told The Sun. “We are who we have been since before the band. We are real—not like that white trash bitch. This is how we dress every day—that is not how she dresses. She’d better watch her back. We’re gonna take her down. It’s three against one. TiK ToK, bitch.”

THEIR LATEST SINGLE: “Stay The Night,” which sounds to us like a cross between Madonna’s “Holiday” and—gasp!—”TiK ToK.”

BananaramaOUR FAVORITE LINE FROM “STAY THE NIGHT”: “If you get breakfast in the morning you’ll be a lucky man.”


WHAT YOU’RE IN FOR IF YOU FOLLOW THEM ON TWITTER: “We’ll be PLAYING SHOWS in the UK Next Fucking WEEK! Who’s coming to get fucked up with us?!”

WHERE YOU CAN CATCH THEM: Millionaires next play at Anaheim, California club Chain Reaction this Friday, May 7. After that, they gear up for a tour of the UK ahead of the single release for “Stay The Night.”

THE MILLIONAIRES MANTRA: “I think we’re a good influence. We get a lot of controversy and it just shows that we don’t care,” Allison told The Sun. “So the message we’re putting out there is to not take other people’s BS, don’t get down on yourself, and still go out and have a good time.”

OUR VERDICT: Girls just wanna have fun. But let’s just hope Millionaires don’t land in detox—or wind up in fistifuffs with their feisty arch-rival Ke$ha—before their debut album is released via indie label B-Unique later this year!

  • Farrah

    LOL, they’re criticizing Ke$ha for being fake and white trash? Like they’re hardly any better, in fact they’re worse. Seriously, they’re the female Brokencyde. And equally terrible, they make Ke$ha look like a genius. I hope they never become huge, they would be the ultimate poison for the music industry. We already have enough talentless idiots polluting the airwaves, we don’t need more.

  • nyob

    screw this ugly bitches they are some stupid sluts!! they should take a look at themselves before they try to criticize K$!!! i hope they don’t make it ANYWHERE in life!! stupid ugly asian trash bitches!! DONT TALK BAD ABOUT K$!!

  • April

    Wow! This song is really good and quite fun. The haters need to stop rolling by. Those “talentless idiots” got their songs on the radio because people actually like their songs and take time to listen to them. They obviously have if they’re have several songs “polluting” the airwaves. Times are changing so grow up and if you can’t handle it listen to something else, or are they also “talentless idiots”?

  • April

    They’re also White. So your comment should also include “stupid ugly white trash bitches!!” Don’t be so racist. By the way, I’ll forgive your poor capitalization skills and grammar. :)

  • Jayde

    Allison isn’t 21, she’s 18… Therefor, they’re not all 21. [[:

  • Aeolian Hall

    April, being popular is not indicative of talent at all. The reason that a lot of today’s mediocre “artists” get so much airplay with their mediocre music is because they’re all signed to major labels that have a lot of power in the industry, and therefore can basically bribe any mainstream radio station into playing their crap. Look up something called “payola”.

  • http://twitter.com/zacgoesrawr Zac Thayer

    The Millionaires will take down Ke$ha, alot more party coming from them than Kesha, Kesha is plastic party, Millionaires, they are the queens of party,With the single “Stay the night” in the UK released, us in the US are waiting for it, their new EP (which is being released on Sept 7) will tear that “white trash” apart, The millionaires aren’t really “crap” they had to work their asses up to get to where they are.

    Millionaires for life DGAF.

  • StellasSong

    Honestly, everybody has their own opinion. Nobody’s wrong, and nobody’s right either. Some like Millionares, some don’t. You can’t say someone else is wrong. They can have their own opinion. In my opinion, I think Kesha and Millionares suck. I don’t see any talent in them at all. But thats just my opinion. You guys can like whoever you want. I was just saying..

  • http://? HannahPoiciana

    I personally agree with “StellaSong”. Everyone does have their own oppinion. And mine is I like both Ke$ha and The Millionares. They both have decent songs. and for everyone getting into arguments for THEM. Hop off and let them fight there own battles there big girls. And i am alomost 100% sure that known of you on this site will make it big time as a singer. So quit critisizing and hating on these “talenless idiots” who obviously do have talent if people are interviewing them and listening to their songs ON THE RADIO. So , thats all i have to say. Thank you! :)

  • http://? HannahPoiciana