Lea Michele Crashes Into ‘The Ellen DeGeneres Show’

May 4th, 2010 // Comment

Tonight’s episode of Glee may be all about bad reputations, but Lea Michele, who plays Rachel on the award-winning series, is conjuring up some notoriety of her own outside the show. “I’m sure you’ve heard about my driving,” Lea said to Ellen DeGeneres on the American Idol judge’s talk show this morning. She proceeded to relay the story of how she got into an accident on the day she auditioned for Glee. “And then last week I was reversing on Robertson and almost hit Jon Bon Jovi—so that was fun!” Catch Lea Michele’s tales of roadside woe after the jump!

You can hear all of the music from tonight’s episode of “Glee”—including the cast’s takes on “Total Eclipse Of The Heart,” “Physical” and, yes, “Ice Ice Baby”—here.


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