The-Dream And Ludacris Upgrade “Love King” With A Remix

The-Dream released the remix (no, not that remix, another remix) of the first single from his upcoming album, the title track “Love King.” This one features Ludacris rapping on the track, it’s better than both the original and the Young Jeezy remix. Listen below.

[wpaudio url=”//″ text=”The-Dream feat. Ludacris – Love King (Remix)” dl=”0″]

This fresh take of the song, although a bit more downbeat, is a lot more aggressive and tougher than the original version— in fact, with Luda opening the track, the changed lyrics and a completely different beat, this is less a remix and more a completely new song. One that we like more than the first one The-Dream released. We kind of wish he just forgoed the first version and made this team-up with Luda the official version.

Yet another track from the Love King LP surfaced today as well, the sultry “Makeup Bag,” featuring T.I. Dream’s falsetto is in full force, and T.I. nails his verse as usual, although two grown men singing about a makeup bag sort of makes us giggle.

Here’s a preview of the “Love King” remix vid, which should be dropping tomorrow. Not a surprise: it’s chock full of barely-clothed ladies. Even more than the first video! The-Dream sure knows how to make a sequel.