Miley Cyrus Peacocks Through Her “Can’t Be Tamed” Video

It’s the day that Miley Cyrus has longed for: the day she finally spreads her wings and departs the Disney nest where she’s been subsisting on regurgitated worms Hannah Montana dialog and music for most of her teen years. “Can’t Be Tamed” certainly goes a long way toward stating the obvious, that is, that she’s all grown up. But it doesn’t answer the big question: do fans really want an un-”tamed” Miley? Consider that while your eyeballs are trying to deal with her $25,000 peacock corset. Watch below:

The video – directed by veteran Robert Hales (Gnarls Barkley’s “Crazy”, OneRepublic’s “Apologize”) and choreographed by Jamal Sims, who also worked with Miley on Mithe dance for the “Hoedown Throwdown” from Hannah Montana: The Movie – portrays Miley as a caged creature on display for others’ entertainment. (Funny, there’s no sign of the cash-starved dad who put her in the cage in the first place).

Miley Cyrus, “Can’t Be Tamed”

You know what? The whole thing actually kind of holds together. It doesn’t make Miley seem dangerous, or even clever, but it’s not the total embarrassment it could’ve been. If there’s a problem here, it’s that the song itself doesn’t seem like a hit – and sex appeal only takes an ex-Disney star so far when they don’t have hits. Just ask Hilary Duff.

We’re still just happy to have a Miley song that doesn’t have a dance tutorial to go along with it.

  • Amanda

    This would be perfect if done by Britney Spears.

    Good song, but done by a seventeen-year-old, it comes off as spoiled.

  • ERic

    I think this a good song, but i hope this is not the hannah montana my children will look up. I hope this is a one time thing for her. Miley very good job, but tone tone down the wardrobe. Children look up to you still, before and after you was a pop star. Trust keep doing what you was doing, you will go far and far. To higher levels in finacial and popularity. Look at Micheal Jackson

  • Morgan

    The song was decent, but did make her come off as a spoiled kid.
    I likeee her wings though :D

  • marissa

    I must say… I’ve been a fan of Miley when she was just little 7th grader Hannah, and this video was very impressive. She wants to show people she CAN be sexy, but still be a good role model to kids in the same way. She doesn’t wanna be Hannah anymore, she wants to be Miley. People who are saying it’s too ‘racy’ for seventeen haven’t met the girls on 16 & Pregnant or even seen what a real 17 year old is like these days. I’m proud to see that Miley is standing up for herself, and the video was very well made.

  • ryanwilson

    i like it. its better than any hack no talent rapper/death metal artist can do.they said the same thing bout elvis in 1956.

  • Kristen

    What happened to the Miley I grew up listening to:( I can’t blame her for acting like this since she has been called a slut since she was 12. 5 years of cruel comments ( like being called a slut) and mean rumors (like her being pregnant) Can make a monster that can’t be tamed. Maybe if people didn’t have the courage to talk crap from behind the computer then this never would have happened. Mily please dont be like this, i have been a fan since 2nd grade donbt ruin everything you have orked so hard for by acting like this.

  • Uhm..No

    Her being sexy = epic fail.

  • Tori

    i think you all just should shut up and leave her alone i mean really the girl is about to be 17 years old and if she wants to just breakout let the girl do so why dont you stop critizing her and gtf a life……..just my opinon though

  • magikalwicca

    Way to Miley I watched on Disney Channel and saw you grow up and this is the first step to being yourself and not hidden behind a child pop star image of hannah montana. keep it up hope more movies and possibl;e shows acually come your way as miley you have a gift.

  • magikalwicca

    miley is not all about kids she is a person who can role model for all ages if she chooses

  • Brianna

    Miley has gone crazy….this is so not her….i mean i get the whole pop thing but its a little to much for her!

  • Ninasophia

    She is just tryin to break away from the little kid stuff she wants to target more towards teens mostly so freakin back off of her and its not becuase she was being called a slut or hoe or anything she is changing her genere to somthing teens will like and she is still doing Hannah Monatanna so she can grab the attention of both teens and kids, both publicity wants that from her so she has to give it and it WAS a really really good video my sister (younger) doesnt care about that she still lovesss hannah but me and my older sister like her music and her show its not all babyish its a gud show and my parents like her to so if ur a teen oir adult she wants you to like her music if ur just a kid stick with hannah she isnt gunna stop hannah bcuz she just started a new season and not only of hannah but of mileys music too.

  • Ninasophia

    and btw i loveeeeeeeeeeeedddddddddddddd the music video and the song it was cool and sexy!

  • Ali

    Okay, I used to love Miley Cyrus/Hannah Montana. She was so cool back about 4-5 years ago. But then she started getting more and more “out there” with everything. I mean, I support her, or at least what she used to be. But I don’t see how she can go from a sweet little girl to a kinda trampy teenager. I do love her songs, I will admit that, but I cannot stand the person she has become over a few short years. Slowly, she has lost sight of what she should have always been about. Music and making fans happy. Not about how much leg she should show at the next awards show. I know that not many people will agree with me about this, but I don’t care cause I’m stating my honest opinion.