Ryan Tedder’s Not Going To Like Kelly Clarkson’s New Song “Wash Rinse Repeat”

Maybe “Wash Rinse Repeat” is one song Kelly Clarkson actually wanted to be leaked online, given her beef last year with songwriter Ryan Tedder—because the electro tune, which features some heavy Auto-Tuning of Clarkson’s vocals, appears to serve up a hardly subtle verbal thrashing of the OneRepublic frontman. Hear it below!

Last year Kelly accused Ryan Tedder of offering the same backing track to both her and Beyonce, for songs that eventually ended up being “Already Gone” (on Clarkson’s All I Ever Wanted album) and “Halo” (on Beyonce’s I Am…Sasha Fierce).

We asked Tedder about the whole situation in December. “It’s ludicrous. And she knows me well enough to know I’m not an idiot,” he said. “I’m not the kinda guy who’s gonna bust my ass for ten years to try and pull a fast one on Beyonce or Kelly.”

If we’re to go by Clarkson’s newly-surfaced track “Wash Rinse Repeat,” it seems the First Lady of American Idol is sticking to her guns.

The whole song comes across as a slam on Tedder, but particularly scathing is this line: “Music from the past, from the present, well just last week/We will change a note and get away with it, wait and see.”

[wpaudio url="http://idolator.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/05/Kelly-Clarkson-Wash-Rinse-Repeat-1.mp3" text="Kelly Clarkson - Wash Rinse Repeat" dl="0"]

Kelly also seems to get some digs in on her label. (“Hi, my name is [raspberry] and I’m here to run everything/Spreading like a cancer I will die and take you all with me.”)

Oddly enough, when we spoke to him, Tedder seemed to be of the opinion that Clarkson had indicated her willingness to work with him again.

“Her attorney or somebody from her camp told somebody from my camp that she’s willing to work with me again,” Tedder said. “It really is tough to say. I like Kelly a lot. I have nothing but amazing stuff to say about her… But having said that, it’s like, fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me. And I just don’t know that I wanna venture—I don’t wanna get some crazy-ass backlash or get my head snapped off for writing a hit song. I do wish her the best, and if we work together in the future, then I will be a happy camper about it and let bygones be bygones.”

Of course, he might be (pardon the expression) changing his tune once he gets a load of “Wash Rinse Repeat.”

What do you think of the song? Should Kelly stick to making music for her fans and leave the drama behind the scenes, or is she right in taking artistic license to stand up for herself?

  • lynn

    u tweeted tommy lee about it 2

  • Jonathan

    The truth about Anne (“Brianne”)


    It’s all there.

  • Jonathan

    Nice try Anne.

  • xolondon

    Tedder is a hack. She has every right to express herself (even if it’s not politic). One suspects there is more to the story than the public even knows.

  • http://twitter.com/annechantal AnneChantal

    LOL, nice try Jonathan. The KCE made up that blog by googling RANDOM names. Nothing on that is true. Not to mention the KCE made the very SAME blog post about another girl 3 months ago, by the name of Lisa. With the SAME THINGS SAID. All you idiots did was change the name.


  • Stacy

    Looks like SOMEONE lives in these comment sections. LMAO

  • Jonathan

    That was the first time I posted here….and anne why are you lying? all of what is posted in the blog is true. and wtf is kce????

  • Jonathan

    this is the last comment i am ever making to you anne…instead of worrying about Pulse Music Board and what ever the KCE is maybe you should start worrying about yourself. I really hope you have a good life. :)

  • http://twitter.com/annechantal AnneChantal

    LOL, you lie Johnny boy.

    Anyway, Kelly Clarkson’s latest song leak “Ready To Go” is at the YouTube channel itsrainingleaks

    Also be sure to check out my blog annechantal.wordpress.com

  • Jeff

    Kelly clearly is taking a stab a Ryan! and since the song still is just a demo used autotune to send a message that the music out there with autotune is shit… maybe she will leave it that way but it sends a great message (learn how to actually sing and dont mess with her) has a catchy song on her hands too :)

  • http://www.myspace.com/vince228 vince_xy

    Kelly really needs to let this go. Yes the two songs were similar…because they were by the same producer! Just like all Darkchild or So-So Def songs sound similar! Producers have signature sounds….a challenge to anyone who says they’re the same tho: make a mix of the two songs…the reason all said mixes suck on youtube is the songs ultimately are completely musically different. Different beat patterns, speeds, keys, and different instruments all together! Just because they use the same drum doesn’t make them the same song! Saying the two songs are the same is really just ignorant.
    And coming from a big Kelly fan who voted for her on idol and supported her ever since this move is just screaming pettiness…I don’t know if it was written for her and recorded as a demo because her people convinced her to do so or what but it’s really struck me the wrong way and makes her seem ungrateful and childish about the whole situation! Ryan was responsible for most of her last album…..just a bad move…..terrible song! I’m disappointed in you Kelly!

  • Kelly

    I think Kelly writes songs about things going on in her life to get it out so she can move on and this is just one of those songs! She was just releasing her anger but some idiot leaked the track like it was going to be a song of hers! I was just away for her to get over how she was feeling and move on it was more then likely NEVER ment to be heard by anyone else! On another note ryan tedders music all sounds alike and I think Halo and Already gone sound too much alike! I hate hearing the same stuff over and over! So I am with Kelly on this! Give us some new stuff! Be Original!!!

  • G-Mom

    I just love this song!! It is so DIFFERENT from what Kelly has done before. I hope it (and Naked Eyes) are on her next CD. I just LOVE Kelly! She is the best singer around!!

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  • abigail

    and exactly what do you mean by hack? >.<

  • disqus_LrLfSv18my

    I hope Ryan doesn’t write for her anymore, cause she isn’t worth his time. He is a great song writer, and she has been nothing but a spoiled brat…I mean, just think of the time she wouldn’t even allow American Idol to use her songs for the contestants to sing and Simon called her out on it…I side with Ryan, because he is honest…her on the other hand, she seems untrustworthy, I dont even like her music…and her personality is awful!