Single Cover Diva-Off: Kelly Rowland Vs. Rihanna Vs. M.I.A.

May 6th, 2010 // 24 Comments

Kelly Rowland, whose upcoming solo album is due out September 14, might think she’s in charge, but her “Commander” single cover wasn’t the only artwork to arrive on the scene in recent days. Both M.I.A. and Rihanna unveiled their own single sleeves, for “XXXO” and “Te Amo,” respectively. What we want to know is this: which of these divas has the hottest artwork. Have a peek at all three below and let us know.

1. Kelly Rowland, “Commander” (art via

Kelly Rowland Commander

2. Rihanna, “Te Amo” (art via

Rihanna Te Amo

3. M.I.A., “XXXO”

M.I.A. xxxo

So which of these ladies do you think comes off as the baddest babe with their new single sleeve? Is it Kelly with her collection of buttons affixed to her hat? Or maybe Rihanna’s creepy image of her among displaced body parts is winning you over. Then of course there’s M.I.A.’s gold brick motif.

Let us know which diva did it best below!

  1. rihanna sexy

  2. Faiz

    Rihanna. The other two aren’t even divas.

  3. Faison

    kelly Rowland, but all women are doing there thing

  4. Marie

    kelly rowland

  5. bree

    Kelly Rowland for sure!

  6. Linda

    Kelly and MIA are neck and neck

  7. Tony

    RIhanna all the way

  8. nikkii


  9. tisha

    kelly is the best diva

  10. loso

    Kelly looks gorgeous!!! Wow!!!

  11. Jamie

    Do you have to ask? Kelly Rowland!!!!!!!

  12. Accrehab

    Without doubt
    kelly rowland

  13. dblog

    Kelly Rowland no doubt!

  14. bobo

    Kelly rowland

  15. lily

    Kelly rocks that cover

  16. rihanna rocks the cover and her whole career is bigger than the two of them combined

  17. dave

    I dont like nappy hair or undercuts.

    M.I.A. is the least offencive

  18. Jemm

    Dave, you idiot. People don’t weave their heads full of “nappy hair,” as you ignorantly call it. Are you really that scared of some curls?

  19. geekays

    unfortunatley i’m a ri ri & kelly fan…so don’t knw….damn so i will give the pros to both of dem,,,,

  20. Lauren

    I like kelly better it reminds of something that erykah badu would probly do or even solange!

  21. linsim

    Do you have to ask? Ms. Commander is the best ever. go kelly command them baby from here on out.

  22. thumper

    love kelly but i think rihanna takes it here – wtf is that MIA bullshit? goes hand in hand with the self indulgent born free video

  23. FACE

    The cover’s a 70′s throwback look and I can’t wait for Queen of The Night, I wish the release was sooner. Ever since Destiny’s Child self titled debut I’ve been a fan of Kelly. She has it & hasn’t known but better late than never, she’s an effortless performer

  24. Kelly rowland riri cover too dark

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