Siobhan Magnus Paints It Black On ‘Letterman’

May 7th, 2010 // 1 Comment

Oh, Siobhan—we’re still reeling from the impact of you being voted off American Idol last week. True, you weren’t up to scratch in recent episodes, but little did we realize the void you’d cause when you said goodbye. Sigh. (And do we think we’ll feel the same way about Aaron Kelly? Not likely.) At any rate, following Shuv’s appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show last Friday, she appeared on the Late Show With David Letterman the other night, where the night time host quizzed the former glass blower on her trade skills. “Rule number one, don’t inhale,” he reminded her. Dave then proclaims, “As far as I’m concerned, you should be our American Idol!” Watch below.


  1. Ron

    Where did Dave get the Safety tie? Is that to prevent him from running into interns? Who selected the song, and leggings and necklace and that pink thing on her finger? And that outrageous necklace? She looked like Ke$ha dressed her on one of her rare sober days when her synapses were firing less than randomly

    But, Siobhan Magnus has killer pipes. I’m sure she can get a band to make it possible for her to display her talent. Good luck, girl.

    I did not get the reference to Cape Cod. So, I’ll make one up. Dave was not yet mad at me for bringing up his fascinations with the panties of comely females in his employ. He was hinting at the perfect wedding gift for a girl who loves to play with light. Glass made at low temperature, in water, organically. Which is why you do not inhale. The glass sponge is fascinating. I think it is a traditional wedding gift in Japan.

    If I recall correctly, a young pair, male and female, of shrimp, enter the sponge when they are small, and then grow too large to get out. The sponge prevents predators from attacking the couple, while allowing edibles in and waste out.

    The really fascinating thing about the sponge, and I’m surprised Dave did not discuss it, is that it is able to produce glass of a quality equal to, or better than, that of the best glass humans have been able to produce. The properties were first demonstrated by Joanna Aizenberg, of Bell Labs. I think I read somewhere that she picked one up in a seaside gift shop and became obsessed. Imagine that.

    If you see a girl who has everything, but me, don’t wait for a wedding. Send her one and let her light people figure out how to use it to save the planet. Or give one to Mom, for letting you sponge for all those years.

    Joy to you, Rose.

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