Christina Aguilera Expresses Herself Pretty Clearly With “Not Myself Tonight” On Oprah

May 7th, 2010 // 6 Comments

One week after whipping out “Not Myself Tonight”, Christina Aguilera brought all her bluster and bombast to New York’s Radio City Music Hall, the Friday home of The Oprah Winfrey Show, for the first live public performance of the song. While critics debate the quality and influences in the video, Christina may have been trying to address the whole kerfuffle with a subtle Madonna reference: she told the O crowd that the song is about “letting go, and the freedom to express yourself“. Yes, Christina, we get it. Watch below.

Say this for her: the woman can kick. That fluffy blonde hairstyle, however, reminds us of Betty White, and not in a fun way.

What did you think of her first live performance?


  1. lilyx

    I thought the performance was AMAZING! Her voice is aces above any other female singer out there. I’ve been defending her against the Gaga copying crap, so I was a little disappointed to see her use Adam Lambert’s EXACT same intro with the laser vortex-tunnel thing that he used for his American Idol performance of Whataya Want From Me. I mean he just did that performance a few weeks ago. So yeah, I guess it’s a compliment though. I STILL thought her voice & the performance was stellar :)

  2. Mr.Middletown

    This was exactly what Ive been wanting the back-up dancers choreography was on point and Christina’s voice back and just as good as ever, yes! Shes never been one for dancing but I did enjoy how she worked the stage, the other woman in the industry could learn a thing or two from this performance if this is a glimpse of things to come consider me officially on board with team Christina!

  3. lontegold

    girlfriend definitely can sing, she still has the greatest voice but I’m not feeling this song. Crap.

  4. I like Christina’s live performance of this song better but I’m still not a fan of the song. ICU Adam Lambert laser smoke votex ICU.

  5. Peter

    The Best!!

  6. ianaleah

    A bit from Adam to start, and Lady Gaga but mostly a lot from Madonna. But she is still good at pulling it off.cuz she can sing.

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