The Morning Mix: Adam Lambert Steps Into The Lion’s Den, Engages Tokio Hotel Fans

Did You Hear?

:: Adam Lambert shot back at Tokio Hotel fans who suggested he was copying singer Bill Kaulitz’s look, tweeting that he was “rockin this hairdo when Bill still had his lions mane… all this copycat talk is dumb”. Surely, everyone will calm down now. [Neon Limelight]

:: Rihanna kicked off the UK leg of her world tour wearing one-eyed sunglasses and a bodysuit that bore a resemblance to Pink’s Grammy performance outfit. [Just Jared]

:: Justin Timberlake has reportedly taped a “secret segment” for the season finale of SNL next week. Odds that it will be more entertaining than Betty White and Jay-Z? Zero. [Via Vulture/NYP]

:: It’s officially too late to send your Mom a Mothers Day card. It is not too late to send her an Ozzy Osbourne video or one of the other 14 mother’s day videos assembled by the experts. [Billboard]

:: Speaking of yo’ mama, here’s a list of infamous insults hurled by our favorite stars. Remind us never to make Lily Allen angry. [Spinner]

After the jump, find out how late you’ll have to stay up to see Green Day in action.

Music on TV Tonight

:: Late Night with David Letterman (CBS) — Aaron Kelly and the cast of Million Dollar Quartet
:: The Tonight Show With Jay Leno (NBC) — Limp Bizkit
:: Jimmy Kimmel Live (ABC) – Crash Kings
:: Late Night With Jimmy Fallon (NBC) — Green Day
:: Late Late Show With Craig Ferguson (CBS) — Wilco
:: Last Call With Carson Daly — Wild Light


  • To @mintea

    OK…..after looking at all the pictures @Sarah posted,I know what it is!!

    Bill is beautiful,but he doesn’t have……..The ‘Glambulge’.

    That’s it, isn’t it?!

  • Jackie

    @Sarah: Please take a pill or something. Goodness sakes.

    The pic posted where both BK & AL are dressed alike: Adam mentioned that he had an assistant buying and picking he clothes to wear. Twitter that person and whine.

    TH fans should be grateful to AL. I and thousands others would have no idea who TK was if it wasn’t for AL twittering about how good they are a few months ago. He even twittered a link to check out one of their songs.

    TH Fans: Instead of whining and complaining, how about thanking AL for introducing thousands of his fans to TH.

  • RoRo

    You are right, Jackie, I had never heard of Tokio Hotel until Adam tweeted something about how good their music is. Still haven’t listened to their music – too busy listening to Adam Lambert’s. As some of the TH followers are making very immature remarks, I can only assume that they are very young and inexperienced to think that a seasoned veteran of the stage (Lambert), who has traveled the world, would want to “copy” the younger members of TH, like a 12 yr old might.

  • Gloria

    I’m not looking for any fights here but thought I’d like to point out that Bill has been performing and singing for more than 8 years while Adam has only recently become famous.

  • To @Gloria

    No fights, but I want to correct you. Yes, Adam has become famous in the last year. That,however, does not mean he isn’t experienced. He’s been performing and singing since he was 10,he’s now 28. You do the math. Adam has been working in the entertainment industry to reach his goal, honing his craft for over 18 years. Theater,voice lessons,studio demos,a band,etc. Idol was merely the platform he chose to get exposure!!

    Some artists are discovered,some work their butts off to get recognized. Some have instant fame,some don’t. Adam was not discovered and his fame wasn’t instant. He worked hard to pay bills and kept his eye on the prize. And now he should be enjoying every moment of his success instead of dealing with stupid blogs (and the equally stupid people who make stupid comments) like this one.

    In the end,hard work paid off for Adam. He just didn’t take a short cut like some artists do!

  • Gloria

    You mentioned seasoned veteran of the stage though. Bill has performed more on stage in front of large audiences for a longer period. And it doesn’t matter who took a shorter route or what. To me, that 18 years of “honing his craft” to sound just as well as Bill does after 8 years shows the talent. But overall, I like them both. Adam is my second favorite singer btw. Bill and Tokio Hotel’s songs just inspires me more while Adam would inspire others more.

  • Emily

    Okay, you guys are all bashing @Sarah but really, alls she did was try and prove her point. You Adam fans are just doing the same thing, posting videos and pictures to try and prove YOUR point. Everyone in here needs to stop calling people delusinial and saying they need medical help.

    YES. Bill and Adam’s style are very similar.
    YES. Adam has stated that he crushes on Bill and likes Tokio Hotel.

    HOWEVER. Although he admires him, this in no way confirms he is copying him. Yes, the pants that they wore were the same, but one outfit out of thousands that they have worn while both famous is not a huge deal. I am a huge tokio hotel fan, and im going to adam lamberts concert this summer, please, everyone stop fighting, all of you are an embaressment. Stop the needless hate!

  • Emily

    Also, to the TH fans on here, AL has given TH a ton of publicity. Truly, you should be happy for the band, since they have gained a lot of popularity thanks to them being pimped out by Adam. If you want them to come to America for a concert, or get on tv here, it helps to have adams support, but he wont support if we keep yelling, so please stop :)

  • AdamFan

    calm down people
    we have different taste but that doesn’t mean you have to fight against who’s copying or not and who’s better and best..
    these two artist are great people and they respect each other so there’s no need to fight..
    and whats with the piercing.. anyone can do that..
    don’t mind if any of them is copying someone
    guys look at the talent!!!!
    I’m an Adam Lambert fan so i go for him…
    they have different voice but both great..
    I just find Adam unique

    So stop the fight now…