Get Freaked Out With A Sneak Peak Of Demi Lovato On “Grey’s Anatomy”

Demi Lovato guest stars on this week’s Grey’s Anatomy as Hayley, a schizophrenic girl who doesn’t think she’s crazy. To prove just how un-crazy she is, she attempts to scratch her eyes out and threatens to stab herself with a hypodermic needle. Demi’s guest appearance will either terrify her fan base or prove that her acting isn’t just limited to smiling happily on Disney channel programming. Catch a preview clip below and see which one it does for you.

Demi does a pretty good job playing serious—out of all the teen actress/pop stars currently on the scene, we’re most intrigued by Lovato’s career choices: she’s not afraid to go dark on dramas like Grey’s, and she even released two rock-leaning albums, followed up by collaborating with indie rock darlings We The Kings. If she’s lucky, she just might transition to adulthood without having to imitate a sexy bird!

The role of the scratched-up Hayley is certainly curious casting, however, since Demi was in the middle of her own controversy last year when she was spotted numerous times with what appeared to be cuts on her wrists. Her publicist told E! Online it was due to wearing tight bracelets; many remain unconvinced at that reasoning.

But regardless, the Sonny With a Chance star seems to be all smiles recently—wouldn’t you be, too, if you were dating a Jonas brother?